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Import / Export

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OsmAnd provides the ability to export data to a specific format using apps available on your device. You can also import data from an OSF file or use online sources.

Menu β†’ Settings β†’ Actions

Profiles Actions Settings Android


In the Actions section of the Profile Configuration menu, you can use such a function as data export.

Menu β†’ Settings β†’ Configure profile β†’ Export

Profiles Actions Export Android


Tap on OSF-file or use action button:

Menu β†’ Settings β†’ Import

Profiles Actions Import Android

Profiles Actions Import 1 Android

Profiles Actions Import 2 Android


Note that most Android versions also delete the app's data folder when you uninstall it (or when you select "Clear Data" in the Android App Manager settings to reset the app to its default settings). If you don't take precautions, for OsmAnd it will mean losing all downloaded maps, as well as all saved Favorites, GPX tracks, and the more. On most systems, the following procedure can be used to reset or uninstall/reinstall OsmAnd with the original application data and data on the SD card intact:

  • Before any Uninstall or Clear data operation, rename the app data folder, e.g. from to net.osmand.plus0.
  • Then either in the Android App manager force stop / clear cache / clear data to reset the app, or uninstall/reinstall OsmAnd, as desired.
  • Start OsmAnd.
  • On its 'First Start' screen tap: Get started -> Change the data folder to the SD card -> Skip -> Skip downloading maps.
  • Force-stop OsmAnd.
  • Using a file manager app, delete the newly created (almost empty) OsmAnd data folder, and rename your old (preserved) data folder back.
  • Restart OsmAnd.
  • Go to Settings / Download maps: Your existing offline maps should now be listed on tab Local. Go to the tab Update and tap the refresh icon, this should make OsmAnd finally aware maps are already present and can be used.

Online sources​

In order to export online map sources, you can select them in the export file list of your application profile.
In order to import online map sources, you can click to osf-file of application profile in your storage, messenger, mail and etc, that choose OsmAnd app for opening, select the data to be imported.

Menu β†’ Configure profile β†’ Actions β†’ Export profile β†’ Select the data to be exported to the file. β†’ Resources β†’ Map sources

A. Import β†’ Select the data to be imported. β†’ Map sources β†’ Import complete β†’ Continue β†’ Close

Import package Android

B. You can click the SQLiteDb-file on your email, cloud, or messenger, download it and choose OsmAnd app to open. Map package is added automatically to your online maps list in OsmAnd.

Import online source Android