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Plugins significantly enhance OsmAnd's functionality. Each is designed to solve a problem or use case, such as trip recording, accessing Wikipedia articles offline, visualizing terrain data, providing street-level views, etc.

Plugins can be internal (you can activate them inside the OsmAnd app) or external (separately installed programs). Third-party plugins work via the OsmAnd API and can get access to OsmAnd data.

Configure a plugin​

In order to access a plugin's functionality, it must first be enabled, and some plugins require a purchase before use. Then, in some cases, a specific map layer must be activated, or a user profile must be configured.

Enable / disable​

To enable / disable plugins go to:
Menu β†’ Plugins β†’ οΈ™ β†’ Enable

Enable plugins Android Plugin example Android


Most plugins are available for free, only the plugins in the list below require the purchase of an OsmAnd+ or OsmAnd Pro license to use:

Detailed information about the application purchase can be found in the Purchase section.

Plugin Features​

OsmAnd Plugins may augment these Feature groups: Layers, Widgets, Context Menu actions, Drawer actions, Map Style, Map Source, Profile.

πŸ€– - only for Android version of OsmAnd.

Plugin nameFeatures
WikipediaMap layer, Context menu
Online mapsMap layer
Trip recordingWidget, Profile
TopographyMap layer
πŸ€– 3D ReliefMap layer
WeatherMap layer, Widget, Screen
Nautical map viewMap style, Profile
Ski map viewMap style, Profile
πŸ€– Audio/video notesMap layer, Context menu, Widget
OpenStreetMap editingMap layer
Parking positionContext menu, Widget
MapillaryMap layer, Context menu , Widget
πŸ€– External SensorsWidget
πŸ€– AccessibilityCustom Settings
OsmAnd developmentCustom Settings
πŸ€– OsmAnd TrackerMap Layer, Widget, Context Menu

Plugin Settings​


Only the OsmAnd development plugin and the OSM editing plugin change settings for all profiles. The remaining plugins are configured for each profile separately.

Most plugins provide specific profile or global settings, which can be accessed via:

  • Main menu β†’ Plugins β†’ Plugin name β†’ Settings (βš™ for ios) or
  • Main menu β†’ Settings β†’ Profile β†’ Plugin settings.

Settings plugin Android 1 Settings plugin Android 2

The following plugins provide their own settings:

πŸ€– - only for Android version of OsmAnd.

Plugin nameSettings
Trip recordingΠ‘onfigure the trip recording operation modes
WeatherConfigure measurement units for displaying weather events
πŸ€– Audio/video notesSelect video format, how long to store, etc.
OpenStreetMap editingSpecify user login
πŸ€– External SensorsConnect to external device Settings
πŸ€– AccessibilitySettings allow you to use Accessibility Android features inside OsmAnd.
OsmAnd developmentPlugin settings allow you to enable special features for developers or experienced users
πŸ€– OsmAnd TrackerAll settings are configurable in a separate app

Plugin settings - actions​

⚠️ Android only
This feature is currently not available for the iOS version of the OsmAnd app.

Reset plugin settings to default - using this option plugin settings can be reset to default values.
Copy from another profile - plugin settings can be copied from another profile.



Having Wikipedia on your trip helps you learn more about the places you visit. It is available offline and shows Wikipedia articles in relation to the points of interest right on the map.

Online maps​

OsmAnd Online maps are an extensive addition to the OpenStreetMap database already present in the application. With this plugin, you can add layers to your map with information from various sources.

Trip recording​

To tell a story of where you have been, GPS data, as latitude and longitude of your location, can be recorded and stored in a file, and then re-used, improved, enhanced with waypoints, provided for navigation, shared with friends, etc.


Topography information, such as Contour lines, Hillshade, Slope, 3D Relief, helps to make a visual assessment of the lay of the land by seeing elevation, relief, extremes, steepness, points of equal height, etc.

Nautical map view​

Nautical map view provides detailed graphical representation of oceans, seas, coastal areas and rivers to help you navigate on the water, see popular traffic routes, obstacles in the waterway, harbors, anchorages, and other essential reference.

Ski map view​

Ski map view uses winter colors, shows downhill or cross-country pistes, cable cars, chairlifts, and other facilities and services, which can be used to navigate recreation areas, ski resorts and terrain parks.

Audio/video notes​

Create audio/video notes for future reference, e.g. to remember a event, scene, or interaction. Created audio/video notes are available from My places as well as on the map as an individual layer of user-made stories and thoughts tied to a geolocation. For Android only.

Parking position​

Set a point on the map where your car is left on the street and notify your calendar when the parking time ends. This will make it easier for you to track the time and location of your car.

OpenStreetMap editing​

The OpenStreetMap editing plugin allows you to contribute to OpenStreetMap, a global community creating a comprehensive map of the world and providing publicly available up-to-date, open-source data.


See street-level views of your routes or places of interest, provided by Mapillary (an internet connection is required).


The Accessibility plugin makes the device's accessibility features directly available in OsmAnd. For Android only.

External sensors​

Connect external sensors to display their data in OsmAnd and to store the information in track recordings. For Android only.


Shows the hourly forecast for the current day and for 7 days ahead.

OsmAnd development​

The OsmAnd development plugin targets developers and experienced users. It allows you to simulate navigation routes, check screen rendering performance, etc.

OsmAnd Tracker​

OsmAnd Tracker helps you see where your contacts are on the map in OsmAnd. For Android only.