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Custom map styles

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Hello everybody!

In this article, we want to show you how OsmAnd users create their own map styles.

OsmAnd map styles​

At first about Map styles by default.

OsmAnd contains own 10 map rendring styles: OsmAnd, Touring view, UniRS and LightRS, Nautical, Winter and ski, Topo, OSM-carto, Desert, Offroad, Snowmobile.

Android version: Menu β†’ Configure map β†’ Map rendering β†’ Map style

iOS version: Menu β†’ Configure map β†’ Styles for offline maps

OsmAnd Map styles

All of these map styles contain one type of data from OpenStreetMap. Rendering.xml contains rules on how to display (draw) the map on a device screen.

Read more about settings for OsmAnd rendering vector maps, and how to switch on/off additional details on the map here.

Custom rendering styles​

OsmAnd is a powerful customised application. Each user can create your own Map style. Documentation about it is here.


Here we added examples of users rendering styles.


By our vision, it's the most advanced project with map styles for OsmAnd from the free authors' team. Here you can find styles for motorcycle, cycling, and hiking activities, and a manual for rendering creation.

You can always discuss rendering in the telegram.


On the GitHub page, you find not only custom Map styles but the list of Online maps for OsmAnd too.

Outdoor Explorer​

It's one more user map style for OsmAnd. This style was created for enduro, MTB and hiking activities.

Here you can download Custom plugin and use new map styles.


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