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How to Setup the Development Environment

In order to setup the development environment you need to install the repo utility and use the following repo manifest or any other configuration.

If you plan to use the readonly.xml and the repo utility you can run the following:

repo init -u -m readonly.xml
repo sync

You can also use just git and checkout the following git repositories to correct folder names:

  • Folder android - Osmand
    • git clone android
  • Folder ios - OsmAnd-ios
    • git clone ios
  • Folder resources - OsmAnd-resources
    • git clone resources
  • Folder core - OsmAnd-core
    • git clone core
  • Folder help -
    • git clone help
  • Folder core-legacy - OsmAnd-core-legacy
    • git clone core-legacy
  • Folder build - OsmAnd-build
    • git clone build
  • Folder tools - OsmAnd-tools (servers, map creation)
    • git clone tools
  • Folder web - web (web-only)
    • git clone web
  • Folder misc - OsmAnd-misc (standalone utilities)
    • git clone misc

You might not need all repositories to get tools / android or ios working. You can always double check corresponding branches in repo-configurations.