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External sensors

Android only

External sensors plugin is currently not available for the iOS version of the OsmAnd app.

If you have a variety of sensor devices for cycling, you can use the data they record in the OsmAnd app.


The External sensors plugin allows you to read and record data from wireless external sensors running on ANT+ technology and display this data using widgets in the OsmAnd application. This managed network is capable of collecting, transmitting, and storing sensor data.

The OsmAnd External sensors plugin accesses external sensors and can read data such as Heart Rate, Bicycle Power, Bicycle Cadence, Bicycle Speed and Bicycle Distance. In order to make the plugin work don't forget to connect your device to the respective sensors.


Bluetooth connected devices will be supported in the future OsmAnd release.


To start using data from external sensors, you need to make the following settings:

  1. Enable External sensors plugin in the Plugins section of the Main menu.
  2. Make the necessary settings in the plugin's Settings menu.
  3. If needed, add External sensors widgets to the screen.

Plugin settings​


The plugin settings are global and apply to all profiles.

Use one of the following paths to open the plugin settings:

  • Menu β†’ Plugins β†’ External Sensors
  • Menu β†’ Configure profile β†’ Plugin settings β†’ External Sensors

External sensors plugin settings Android External sensors plugin settings Android

With the plugin, for each external sensor available to the OsmAnd app, you can use two settings:

  • Read data - allows you to connect to the corresponding sensor and read the data it transmits.
  • Write data to track - allows you to include sensor data in GPS track record.
Heart RateIndicates the user's heart rate data in real time.
Bicycle PowerIndicates how much power the cyclist exerts when riding.
Bicycle CadenceIndicates the speed at which the cyclist pedals.
Bicycle SpeedIndicates the speed at which the bicycle is moving.
Bicycle DistanceIndicates the distance traveled.


The External Sensors widget is automatically added to the list of widgets when you enable the External Sensors plugin. Before you start your trip, make sure that the widgets are on the screen, and if not, add them to the Configure Screen menu. External Sensors widgets help you track data from your external sensors in real time.

Use the following path to display the widget on the screen:
Menu β†’ Configure screen β†’ Left panel /Right panel β†’ External sensors

External sensors widgets Android External sensors widgets Android