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Global settings

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Global settings are common to all application profiles. In fact, these settings are the settings of OsmAnd system.

Android Menu β†’ Settings β†’ OsmAnd settings

Profiles General Settings Android


Default profile​

Choosing a profile like a default profile:

  • Β Default profile - select the profile, that will be used on application start (last used or from profile list). Here you can choose "Last used" profile. It means that the last chosen profile will be used for the application.

General Settings Default profile Android

Display language​

Setting display (application) language:

Here you can choose system device language or another from the list:

Android Menu β†’ Settings β†’ OsmAnd settings β†’ Display language

General Settings Language Android

Data storage folder​

Here you can change storage folder (Android) and know memorу usage by OsmAnd data.

Android Menu β†’ Settings β†’ OsmAnd settings β†’ Data storage folder

More info about data storage settings read here.

Privacy and security​

Here you can set parameters of your privacy and security.


Β Analytics - allows collecting or not next anonymous usage data of OsmAnd: Maps downloaded, Screens visited. No data about your position or locations you view on the map are collected. Privace Policy of OsmAnd.

General Settings Collected data Android


Β History - allows disabling history logging individually for each history type: search history, navigation history, map markers history. Here you can export history info a file, you can clear all history or for each categories (search history, navigation history, map markers history).

General Settings History Android


Β Proxy - allows configuring an HTTP proxy for all network requests. You can set Proxy Host and Proxy Port.

General Settings Proxy Android


Dialogs and notifications​

Β Dialogs and notifications - allows switching on/off popups, dialogs and notifications. It's the download map dialog and startp-up message (like promotion, quiz and etc.).

General Settings notifications Android

Location source​

You can choose which Google Play or "Android API" services OsmAnd will use to determine your location. This can be useful for devices without Google Play services or in case of inaccurate location or altitude data when recording tracks.
OsmAnd takes data from the resources Google's Fused Location Providers and Android GPS and Network Providers.
You can switch Location source in: Menu β†’ Settings β†’ OsmAnd settings.

General Settings notifications Android

Uninstall speed cameras​

Β Uninstall speed cameras - allows activating or not Speed camera POI's (alert widget of speed camearas). In some countries or regions, the use of speed camera warning applications is prohibited by law. You need to make a choice depending on the law of your country. Select "Keep active" and you will receive alerts and warnings about speed cameras. Select "Uninstall". All data related to speed cameras: alerts, notifications, POIs will be deleted until OsmAnd is completely reinstalled.

General Settings Cameras Android