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Public Transport routing


Public transport navigation in the OsmAnd app allows you to work out the routes using public transport, which will certainly help you get around the "concrete jungle" faster.

Data on public transport routes is taken from the OpenStreetMap project. OsmAnd uses the PTv2 scheme for navigation. OsmAnd supports following OpenStreetMap routes for navigation bus, trolleybus, share_taxi, funicular, subway, light_rail, monorail, train, tram, ferry. Default speed for each type of vehicle is configured in Routing xml and it used to find the fastest routes.


Public transport routing is in the testing phase. For now, you can build and view your route without the full navigation function.

Navigation public transport Android

How to use​

To start navigating around the city by public transport, use the navigation button on the map screen. Or select the navigation option in the main menu.

Menu β†’ Navigation

1. You need to choose Public transport navigation profile, start an destination points.

Navigation public transport routes Android

  • OsmAnd offers route options with walking times and public transport routes with route information: time, distance, transfer, public routes. You need to scroll through the navigation screen to select an option.

Navigation public transport way Android

2. "Show on map" button allow to view all chosen route on the map (swap menu to view the next route variant). Swap the screen for viewing the next variant.

Navigation public transport Details Android

3. Tap the "Details" button to open the description menu for route selection. Here you can open the list of stops by tapping the "" button.

Navigation public transport stops list Android

Data and Guideline​

OsmAnd uses a new public transport scheme, also called Public Transport Version 2 (PTv2) for the OsmAnd Public Transport navigation algorithm.