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Android 4.3 (November 2022)

OsmAnd produces every day multiple Ready-To-Use builds which allows keep track of new features and participate in OsmAnd contributions (translation process).

Join Beta​

You can participate in testing OsmAnd beta build thru Google Play.

What's new​

  1. New, faster Version 2 (OpenGL) map rendering engine, with 2.5D view.

In the previous release OsmAnd 4.2, we added this feature for testing. Now, OpenGL rendering engine is available by default.


Be sure to check that you have OpenGL render mode enabled:

Menu β†’ Settings β†’ OsmAnd settings β†’ Map rendering engine β†’ Version 2 (OpenGL)

The setting for Enable/Disable 2.5D view is located in profile settings:

Menu β†’ Configure profile β†’ General settings β†’ 2.5D view

turn arrows visibleturn arrows hidden

When 2.5D view is enabled, you can change the view angle by gesture Tilt or by My location button.

  1. Smooth animation of location changes while in motion.

Routing animation (icon movement during navigation) works smoothly now.

  1. New improvements for Widgets:

    • Added widget with coordinates of the map center and elevation of geolocations;

      "Coordinate widget - Map center" was added. Users can look for coordinates info for any points on the map fast. For Coordinates widget you can show Map center and / or Current location info panel on top of the screen device:

      Menu β†’ Configure screen β†’ Widgets β†’ Top panel β†’ Coordinates widget β†’ Coordinates:map center / Coordinates:current location

      Where green icons are Map center coordinates, blue icons are My location coordinates.

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    • "Distance to tap": added text size option; Now there is an opportunity to change the text size for info on Distance by Tap tool:

      Menu β†’ Configure screen β†’ Buttons β†’ Distance by tap β†’ Text size β†’ Large / Normal

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  • "Map marker" widget: added option to change click behavior.

    Map marker widget can show Estimated arrival time (ETA) now, not only the distance to the Map marker.

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    At first, you need to add Map marker widget to left or right panel: Menu β†’ Widgets β†’ left / Right panel β†’ Map markers. Than you need check settings of these widgets by tapping on βš™ button.

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    Here you can choose what widget will show: Distance or ETA. What action will be by clicking on widget: Switch mode or Go to marker location.

    Switch mode changes mode from Distance to ETA and vice versa.

    Go to marker location moves the center map to chosen Map marker.

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    Estimated arrival time (ETA) widget you can choose the time interval: Specify the time interval for speed averaging (used for the arrival time estimate).

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  1. Reorganised "Nautical maps".

We reorganised "Nautical maps" folder in Download maps menu. Now, it has three section: Wordwide maps, Depth contours, Nautical depth points.

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  1. Added ability to switch Mountain bike routes scheme classification.

OsmAnd renders on the map MTB IMBA trials now. You need to switch on Show MTB IMBA trails in Menu β†’ Configure map β†’ Routes.

Example of MTB IMBA icons for trails and legend for these icons:

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  1. GPX added support for "link", "cmt", "desc" tags and for any custom extensions.
  • Favorites: show content of <cmt> tag similar to waypoints, phone numbers for the Waypoint, attributes name, desc, cmt, link:
<wpt lat="30.297375" lon="-87.4320327">
<name>CafοΏ½ Beignet</name>
<cmt>Open 6:30 am to 12:00 pm. Closed Sun &amp; Wed</cmt>

  • Phone numbers for the Waypoint attributes
<wpt lat="52" lon="5">
<phone>My phone number</phone>
  • Tags for description: name, desc, cmt, link.
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  1. Added option to disable UUID.

What's been done by sorted by priority:

  • It's possible to disable that UUID (Unique User Identifier) sending in Privacy Global Settings as the result the traffic could be deprioritized when lots of maps are downloaded i.e. in the beginning of the month.
  • UUID is rotated every 3 months so there is no user profile built for a longer history.
  • ToS with explanation has been updated
  • There is a clear indication On first screen after installation and a link to ToS.
  1. Added support for ANT+ sensors.

At this release, we added support external devices ANT+ (speed, cadence, heart rate, distance, cycle power, temperature). The support external devices Bluetooth we will plan for the next release.

  1. Add new data on the map: different clubs, filters for swimming, different types of playgrounds.
  1. The Weather plugin

It's the new paid feature. Read about the Weather plugin here.

  1. Fixed "Display position" option.

Changed the Appearance setting for Profile "Display position always in centre" to "Display position", where the user can choose two parameters: Center or Bottom.

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  1. Default-speed adjustable forecast for elevation-dependent walking/hiking/running trip times

For an activity like hiking or running, set your respective pedestrian profile's default speed (normally 4km/h) to your individual expected value for flat terrain. Then all route calculations for that profile will now forecast the corresponding trip time more precisely accounting for any actual elevation gain, if option "Use elevtion data" is set and elevation data is present on the device.

  1. Fixed audio output and volume slider behavior

Fixed some bugs in reliably using the selected audio stream and activating the volume slider for exactly that stream.