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General issues related to various OsmAnd's features

Battery consumption​

Some information about batttery consumption in general.

OsmAnd seems to drain too much battery power​

There have on and off been user reports about this. We made lots of measurements and could never really reproduce it, even though under some circumstances OsmAnd is reported responsible for 90% of the battery usage. Please be aware that OsmAnd does not run anything in background except a service while needed for ongoing functionality live navigation or track recording. The presence of the service is displayed in the Android notification area. If you do not see anything there, OsmAnd is not consuming any power at all in the background.

On newer devices, typical power consumption for OsmAnd should be in this neighborhood. It is also necessary to understand that power consumption is affected by the age of the battery (device), the number of charge cycles, the power of the device, the volume of the battery, the temperature and humidity of the environment, etc. In our case, a medium-level device was used. You should not take the results of our study as the final data for all devices.:

Device FunctionBattery Consumption
per Hour
Typical value for device asleep with only standard apps active0.5 %
Screen on may typically account for6 %
GPS active may typically account for5 %
Net effect of OsmAnd running in the background, e.g. for track recording:0.5 %
OsmAnd in the background not running the service for any purpose:0

The overall power consumption should result by adding these components as applicable, depending how you use OsmAnd. Please report if you see huge deviations:

OsmAnd FunctionBattery Consumption
per Hour
Track recording with screen off6 %
Navigation with screen on12 %


Privacy related issues (delete history / check internet usage / permissions).

How to delete search history​

To remove search history, please open the Search menu, make a long-tap any search result and select which results to delete. You can also enable the select all option in the upper-left corner of the screen to remove all of the search results. After that, please press the Trash icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

You can also follow this guide to learn more about the search in OsmAnd.


Problem with the GPS connection (Android)​

OsmAnd uses the location data determined by your device i.e. Android API.

  1. Please try different Location Source Google Play Service or Android API: OsmAnd Settings -> Location Source.
  2. Please check if update of Google Service API is available: Google Play
  3. Please check the Android System Settings - Location and ensure that Location Access is turned On and switched to High Accuracy. You can also try to clear the cache and restart your device. GPS issues usually occur when buildings and other large objects interfere with or interrupt the GPS signal. Please test your GPS performance. If the signal is weak, please set the minimum recording accuracy setting over 15 meters.
  4. Enable GPS-connection widget and check how many satellites connecting: GPS widget. If there is no satellite connection, your location could not be determined and number of satellites is 0
  5. Also, you can set up to determine your location via GPS signal only (deny determine your position via wi-fi or Bluetooth connection). How to do this, please, read here: Google Support If that doesn't work, reinstall OsmAnd app - that should clear up the bad data and resolve GPS issues. Before reinstalling the app export all your saved information. If the issue is not resolved by reinstalling the app, maybe it occurs due to memory lack, so please check that you have enough RAM available.