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Train routing


Train routing in OsmAnd provides users with possibility to use railroad lines for navigation as if they were driving a train like a car. This option can be useful, for example, for hiking when no other roads are available. In other cases it's better to use Public transport routing.


By default, Train profile is deactivated. In order to use this profile for routing, you need to switch it on in Menu β†’ Settings β†’ App profiles.

Route parameters - Train​

Train routing can be configured according to your needs in the Route parameters section of the Navigation settings.

Train routing settings Android

Routing settings:

  • The routing algorithm can take into account temporary limitations specified in OpenStreetMap. This can be done by using Consider temporary limitations option. Note that in some cases, the information from OSM may be outdated.
  • In the Recalculate route section of the Route parameters, you can enable and adjust route recalculation options.
  • Default speed (Android) or Road speeds (iOS) should be set according to your vehicle parameters. It is used to calculate Estimated Time of Arrival.
  • In the Development section of the Route parameters (Android only), you can try new routing features, that are under testing now. Note, that these settings are only available when the OsmAnd development plugin is enabled.