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Ski routing


Ski routing can be particularly useful for backcountry skiers, ski mountaineers, and other winter sports enthusiasts who want to explore new areas and plan their trips in advance. With ski routing OsmAnd users can plan routes and navigate safely while enjoying the beauty of winter landscapes.


The ski routing (and skiing profile) only availible when Ski map view plugin is activated.

Ski routing can be configured according to your needs in the Route parameters section of the Navigation settings.

Route parameters - Ski​


By default, Ski profile is deactivated. In order to use this profile for routing, you need to switch it on in Menu β†’ Settings β†’ App profiles.

Ski routing settings allows users to plan their routes by selecting the desired difficulty level and the type of terrain they want to explore. There are various options for safe, comfortable, and enjoyable movement on pistes or during a freeride.

Ski routing settings Android 1 Ski routing settings Android 2

ParameterAllows to use for routingNote
Allow skating only routesRoutes groomed for freestyle or skating only without classic tracks.
Ski touringRoutes for ski touring.A recommended ski tour way or area that is generally used by many skiers during a season for the purpose of a Nordic ascent and a downhill descent in the backcountry.
Allow advanced routesDifficult routes, with dangerous obstacles and steep sections.More difficult routes will be allowed for routing.
Choose one of the options for freeride skiing.
Off piste Android
Alpine and downhill skiingSlopes for alpine or downhill skiing and access to ski lifts.Using ski lifts will be switched on
Cross country and nordic skiingΒ (Android) Piste typeΒ (iOS)Trails for nordic or cross-country skiing.
Allow classic only routesRoutes groomed for classic style only without skating trails. This includes routes groomed by a smaller snowmobile with looser piste and tracks made manually by skiers.
Allow expert routesExtremely difficult routes, with dangerous obstacles and surroundings.
SledSlopes for sled usage.Sleds are smaller vehicles that are pulled by a human or propelled only by gravity. When enabled, sledding pistes will be used for ski routing
Allow intermediate routesMore difficult routes with steeper sections. Generally some obstacles that should be avoided.
Preferred difficulty
Prefer routes of this difficulty, although routing over harder or easier pistes is still possible if shorter.
Off piste Android

Other routing settings:

  • The routing algorithm can take into account temporary limitations specified in OpenStreetMap. This can be done by using Consider temporary limitations option. Note that in some cases, information from OSM can be outdated.
  • In the Recalculate route section of the Route parameters, you can enable and adjust route recalculation options.
  • Default speed (Android) or Road speeds (iOS) should be set according to your speeds. It is used to calculate Estimated Time of Arrival.
  • In the Development section of the Route parameters (Android only), you can try new routing features, that are under testing now. Note, that these settings are only available when the OsmAnd development plugin is enabled.