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Online routing

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This feature is currently not available for the iOS version of the OsmAnd app.


Online routing is a powerful tool that can help users save time and navigate more efficiently. However, it is important to note that online routing relies on internet connectivity, and may not be available in areas with poor network coverage. Additionally, users should always exercise caution and use their judgment when following any route suggested by an online routing service.

Online routing Android

Route parameters - Online routing​

Online routing can be enabled in Navigation type section of the Navigation settings of the selected Profile. In OsmAnd there are two predefined online routing engines (ZLZK and OSM DE), that provide three Online routing types : Bicycle, Car, and On foot.


Online routing types are designed for Driving, Cycling, and Walking profiles, although they can also be used with other OsmAnd profiles (Truck, Motorcycle, Skiing, Horseback riding). They are provided β€œas is", so you can't customize them according to your needs using different navigation options.

Custom Online routing​

In addition to the preset online routing types, you can configure other online routing mechanisms.
Tap the + Add online routing engine button and choose one of the proposed online routing types (Graphhopper, OSRM, Openrouteservice). Select the appropriate vehicle and tap test routing before saving your changes.

Custom online routing Android Custom online routing Android


You can read about the differences between online routing engines in OSMwiki.

Custom Online GPX routing​

Online server builds a route using your starting point and destination. After receiving the track from the server, OsmaAnd creates a route using Attach to the road's function. So all needed routing information will be taken from our offline maps, and more precise guidance along the route will be provided.

Custom GPX routing Android 1 Custom GPX routing Android 1

Online routing setting​

When online routing is selected for navigation, an additional option appears in the settings.

Settings Online routing Android

  • Offline calculation of OsmAnd route segment - allows to use OsmAnd offline routing, when online routing is selected in the navigation settings. This option may help if a route has already been built online, but then there was a deviation from the route and at the same time the internet connection was lost. In this case, offline routing will be used to return to the route, previousely calculated online.