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Create custom Travel guide

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Using OsmAnd MapCreator you can create your own one-of-a-kind custom Travel Guide. You can use text from any source (from Wikipedia to your friend's blog) as the basis for a guide and match it with the GPX track.

Prepare the files​

Save your track with .GPX extension and the text file as .html. In order to create your custom Travel guide successfully, the names of the GPX file and the html file have to be identical. For example, Milan.gpx and Milan.html.
The GPX tracks can be downloaded from the internet or you can create one using OsmAnd or any other GPX creation tool (Brouter, or a simialr one).
Add the points you'd like to visit into your route and then save that route as a GPX track.

Choosing the source for your guide's text is completely up to you. It can be an article in a travel blog, a Wikipedia page, etc. Simply copy the text, then paste it into a text editor and save it with an .html extension. Make sure to make the name of the GPX track and the HTML file identical.

Launch the tool​

Download the latest version of OsmAnd MapCreator and extract the files from the archive.


How to use this tool is described in the Create Offline Raster & Vector Maps article.

Start your console and open the MapCreator folder.

Example: cd /home/user/OsmAndMapCreator-main/

For Linux run ./ (Windows: utilities.bat file) travel-guide-creator.

When asked to provide the path, please paste the path to the folder where you have your files prepared.

Example: cd /home/user/MyCustomGuides/

We do not recommend locating your files in the OsmAnd MapCreator folder itself. Kindly see the Read me file for step-by-step commands.

Import files​

Your file should be created in seconds. By default, it will be named travel_guide.sqlite, but you can rename it as you want. Make sure to save it with sqlite file extension. For example, Milan_weekend_tour.sqlite. After that, please transfer it to your device. Specifically, to the folder where OsmAnd travel guides are stored. You can check the path to that folder in Menu β†’ Settings β†’ OsmAnd settings β†’ Data storage folder. Please copy the file there using any mobile file manager or by connecting your phone to computer. Restart the app.

Use your guide​

After you start the app, go to Travel guides menu (Menu β†’ Travel guides). Use search to view new articles.