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iOS 4.3 (November 2022)

Join Beta​

iOS beta builds(TestFlight) usually are provided weekly (after team sprint demo). They don't have description and could have continuous versioning. They supposed to be stable and ready to use.

What's new​

New purchase plans​

In release we added new subscription plans, named "OsmAnd Pro" and "OsmAnd Maps+". OsmAnd Pro is a new subscription plan with access to all features and "Maps+" purchase with unlimited map downloads and paid plugins access.

OsmAnd Pro is a cross-platform subscription (After registration in our servers you can use it for Android and iOS version OsmAnd).

Read more about iOS purchases here.

New paid features​

These features are available for OsmAnd Pro subscribes:

Cloud backup​

Menu β†’ Settings β†’ Backup & Restore

Read more info here.

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Weather forecast​

24h hourly forecast 7 days ahead on the map.

The Weather plugin: Menu β†’ Plugins β†’ Weather

Download the weather forecast in the Maps & Resources menu for offline use: Menu β†’ Maps & Resources β†’ Map Region β†’ Weather forecast.

Weather widgets: Temperature, Pressure, Wind, Cloud, Precipitation. Shows these parameters for the central point of a device screen.

Weather toolbar: Menu β†’ Configure screen β†’ Weather toolbar. Weather quick menu on a device screen.

Weather map layers: Menu β†’ Configure map β†’ Weather

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New Purchases screen​

Menu β†’ Settings β†’ Purchases

  • "Active" - the list with users active purchases.
  • "Expires" - the list with unactive purchases.
  • "Learn more" button - opens menu with puchases screen.
  • "Help" menu:
    • "Restore purchases" button - allows to restore user purchases.
    • "Redeem promo code" button - opens iOS instruction.
    • "New device/new account" button - opens OsmAnd docs.
    • "Contact support" - allows to send email to OsmAnd support team.
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New colors for tracks​

Tracks can now be colored by Altitude, Speed, Slope, Surface, Smoothness.

Solid, Altitude, Speed - for free use. Slope, Surface, Smoothness - for OsmAnd Pro.

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New updates for Favorites​

Local backup​

Added local backups generation after each change, backups accessible from the Files app.

Each saving or editing for Favorites makes a backup file.

Files β†’ On my iPhone β†’ OsmAnd Maps β†’ favourites_backup

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POI data​

POI saved to favorites will store and show all POI data even without an offline map.

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CarPlay improvements​

  • added lanes;
  • 2.5D view;
  • fixed bug with voice connect over Bluetooth.

Smooth animation​

Routing animation (icon movement during navigation) works smoothly now.

OsmAnd Live for OSMers​

Free using OsmAnd live feature for active OSMers.

Files app updates​

Now, you can see OsmAnd maps files in Files β†’ On my iPhone β†’ OsmAnd Maps β†’ Resources.

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New updates for GPX files​

support of custom extensions, link, cmt, desc tags

  1. Favorites: show content of <cmt> tag similar to waypoints:
<wpt lat="30.297375" lon="-87.4320327">
<name>CafοΏ½ Beignet</name>
<cmt>Open 6:30 am to 12:00 pm. Closed Sun &amp; Wed</cmt>
  1. Phone numbers for the Waypoint attributes
<wpt lat="52" lon="5">
<phone>My phone number</phone>
  1. Tags for description: name, desc, cmt, link.

Compass modification​

Menu β†’ Configure screen β†’ Compass:

  • Always wisible;
  • Always hidden;
  • Visible if map is rotated. (hidden when north is up).
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  • Fixed an issue with UTM Coordinates format.
  • Fixed an issue with intermediate points in navigation.
  • Added Canadian road signs for Speed limit and Railway crossing.