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OsmAnd Topo map style

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Please welcome new OsmAnd Topo map style. If you are a hiker or a cyclist spending much time in the countryside, you are likely to appreciate the new style. It is designed to make your trips as convenient as possible while enjoying the nature. Let&s get to the details.


Right from the beginning, you'll notice a comparatively high contrast of the map colors. The roads are displayed in orange shades with a clear and thick black border. This increases their visibility and improves map's legibility. Also, we've transferred cycling and pedestrian routes from default OsmAnd style to make it even more convenient.

Contour lines are brown showing every 100m of altitude. You'll be able to see the names on such line presented in a dark color. The names won't resemble the shape of lines: such solution improves readability of information.


The ridges have black edges with nicks. The buildings are represented in solid black color. It reduces your chances to miss a shelter in a sparsely populated area.


The forests are painted in a brighter shade of green. Deep rivers and lakes have deep-colored edges, while smaller rivers and other waterways are dark blue. Railroads are black and all electric railways have cross strokes, the text is mainly black with white edges.

Also, some symbols are different in the topo style: 'surface integral rendering' is made to conveniently show the surface information. You can add or remove this feature in Configure map - 'Details' menu. The roads will be marked according to the scale presented below. Access restriction symbols have been made dark-red to prevent violation of private property or planning your route across a closed area. Spot obstacles are shown as dots on bigger scales.

Linear obstacles are represented as fine lines visible from zoom level 16 or from level 13 if you enable the 'More details' option. You can enable it in Configure map - 'Details' menu. Main landmarks are designed to be seen from higher scale levels.


Enjoy your travel with OsmAnd!

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