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OsmAnd Online GPS Tracker 0.4

· 3 min read

Hi, Everybody! Guess what - we have got something new for you! OsmAnd Tracker version 0.4 is fresh from the oven and ready to be downloaded. It does not matter whether you are an amateur or a professional sportsperson, or a traveler - the app will pleasantly surprise you anyway.

In our blog we have already announced that we have chosen Telegram to access all the necessary data. It is an open social platform that perfectly satisfies our requirements. Not only does it provide the list of contacts, but it also allows sharing one’s location. A Telegram account will be used during the process of registration in OsmAnd Tracker. The cherry on top is that you do not have to download the Telegram app to use your account in OsmAnd Tracker, and vice versa - one does not need OsmAnd app to share their location with another user via Telegram. You do not have to worry about the safety of personal information and chats, though. Select the accessible data and do not worry. By the way, your messages will stay intact and secure.

The Tracker has an amazing new function that is Timeline. We used to have two tabs “Live now” and “My location”. Now our users can organize their tracks the way they like, sending their location with a timer. The transmission will stop the moment the set time runs out. You have time options up to 24 hours to choose from. The users you have sent the GEO position to will see either a text message with written coordinates or a dot on an actual map. And what if you want to share a road to work that you made a few days ago? Well, now - with OsmAnd - you can! Here comes “Timeline”, where you can find the exact time span and send it. That is it! As easy as it possibly could be. In this tab, you can also view the history of tracks that were either sent by you or to you on a chosen day. One also can have multiple chats with different settings and levels of integration. The application also allows you to access saved info chronologically to avoid any confusion and difficulties in finding a particular moment in your movement history, including the locations that have been shared with you by other users. Any user can master their tracks and work on the details directly in OsmAnd app, which is fantastic!


Further instructions and helpful advice can be found here.

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