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OsmAnd 2.50 (iOS)

· 2 min read
OsmAnd 2.5 is now available!

OsmAnd Live

In a nutshell * you can access OsmAnd Live from an IPhone now. Do you remember our New Year’s resolutions? We have promised to catch the iOS version of OsmAnd up with the one on Android, and we are getting there. This update is just the beginning, so we will continue gradually adjusting the features of the app. OsmAnd Live gives you a unique chance to collaborate with other active app users to create a verified detailed map. Once you have inserted a correction in OpenStreetMap, it takes an hour for the online map to adjust. And, finally, there are no limits on downloading maps and contour lines.

Subscription options

Even though, the subscription for OsmAnd Live is inexpensive, it gives you numerous benefits, such as unlimited downloads, the access to contour lines, and hourly updates. In fact, by subscribing to the app you help to support our developers and the contributors that edit the info on OpenStreetMap. Just choose your subscription plan and you no longer need to update the map data on the device, it will be done automatically every hour or so. There are three options to choose from: a monthly, trimester, and annual. The subscribed users have all the downloads and plugins available. You can also manage the subscription and payment details using App Store or IPhone Settings.

OsmAnd iOS 2.50

And remember that only together we can achieve the best results! New features are coming SOON!

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