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OsmAnd 1.30 (iOS)

Β· 2 min read

We're glad to announce the new OsmAnd version for iOS. We completely reworked the style of the map, upgraded the search and added a new system of POI filters. Download now to try!

Search POI Filters​

The POI search filters have undergone a powerful update. Now you can search for the particular location you need by many features. For example, you can search for a restaurant by cuisine, by diet, payment method, wheelchair accessibility, delivery options and more. Looking for a gas station? Check whether it offers a car wash and other services. Moreover, you can save your filter to use it later. For example, if you often search for places that serve burgers 24/7 and offer delivery, just save that filter and apply it whenever you need it.


The address search has been significantly improved, as well. Now you can type in the names of the streets or objects and find them easily.


Updated context menu​

The context menu you see after pressing on a map has gained new features. Now you can see the Wikipedia articles connected to the objects nearby, view the international name of the location, check its wheelchair accessibility and other useful information. For example, transport stops now have the information about the routes and the operator company.


New map style​

Is this release, we decided to rework the style of the map. It has become simpler, cleaner and brighter. You'll see a lighter and more contrast layout that brings out the POI and makes the user experience better. There are less different colors on the map and the icons have been updated, as well.


And remember that only together we can achieve the best results! New features are coming SOON!

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