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We are glad to introduce a new product which joined the OsmAnd family. OsmAnd DVR, which is a car video recorder, easily turns your iPhone or iPad into a car dashboard camera. When would you use OsmAnd DVR?

Feel the need to protect yourself with an evidence for the case of getting involved in an incident or suffering from a hit-and-run? Video records made with OsmAnd DVR can provide you sufficient benefits in cases when you need to prove your point. Besides the fact that the video can give the clear picture of what has happened, it can also provide the information like the time, route on the map and the speed the car was moving with.

Do you remember unexpected, funny, beautiful or simply nice moments happened during your trip which last just a couple of seconds, but you would like to keep in memory and share with friends? OsmAnd DVR can certainly help you to catch and store them.

Do you enjoy travelling by car? Do you have such moments when while driving you observe a wonderful scenery along the road, small bright villages, powerful mountains, or fantastic sunset, or maybe these scenes inspire you for an interesting talk or helps to come up with a poem? OsmAnd DVR will make video and audio records of these charming moments.

Ready to give it a try? Visit or download the application from AppStore.

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