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The new website version

Β· 3 min read

We're glad to announce the new version of the website. While it's the demo version but we work each day with it. OsmAnd website code on GitHub.
What you can find new on our website.


Search function​

We added search function in the website. Now, you can find needed article quickly.


OsmAnd docs​

The section is still under active development and content. Anyone can also join checking and writing articles on our Github page.

We added demo version of next sections:

User guide​

This section contains articles on how to use the application and what features the application includes.

User guide

Map legend​

Map Legend has opportunity comparing day/night mode. While it's a demo version, in the nearest future we will upgrade Map legend for the full version.

Map Legend

Technical documentation​

In this section, we are collecting articles for advanced users. There is info about how to build OsmAnd app, create maps and etc.

Technical documentation

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