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In travel, it is very useful when Wikipedia is always with you and offline on the map. Here we tell you how to display wikipedia articles on the map.

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Wikipedia is a free, multilingual open-collaborative online encyclopedia created and maintained by a community of volunteer editors using a wiki-based editing system.


Purchase Wikipedia

Wikipedia offline is a paid service for Android version and a free service for iOS version.

Android: need to buy OsmAnd+ application (or OsmAnd Unlimited in-app for Free version) or OsmAnd live subscription.

iOS: Menu → Plugins → Wikipedia

Download Wikipedia

In order to download Wikipedia articles for the country for using it Offline:

Android: Меню → Загрузка карт → Регионы

iOS: Menu → Maps & Resources → Worldwide

You can check which Wikipedia files you already have downloaded:

Android: Меню → Загрузка карт → Википедия

iOS: Menu → Maps & Resources → Local

Wikipedia articles on the map

Next, you can enable Wikipedia POI on the map:

Android: Меню → Настройки карты → Показать → Википедия

iOS: Menu → Map → POI Overlay → Wikipedia

Wikipedia on map Android Wikipedia on map iOS

Search Wikipedia

In OsmAnd you can find Wiki-articles on the map by searching the menu in the left corner of the screen.

Wikipedia search Android Wikipedia search iOS

In Категории search menu you need to choose Википедия category:

Android: Поиск → Категории → Википедия

iOS: Search → Categories → Wikipedia

You see all the nearest Википедия articles. You can click to "Show Wikipedia on the map" for showing POI on the map:

Wikipedia search on map Android Wikipedia search on map iOS

Filter by language

In OsmAnd for Android, you can select languages for Wikipedia articles on the map:

Android: Меню → Настройки карты → Показать → Википедия → Язык

Wikipedia language - iOS

In OsmAnd for iOS, you can click on Wikipedia POI on the map, click to description and select an available language for Wikipedia article.

Wikipedia language - Android

Enjoy Wikipedia on the map in your trip.

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