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The Mapillary layer brings street-level views straight into the OsmAnd app. This means you can easily check out the surroundings at any place of interest or along the route you have planned with OsmAnd. Where imagery is missing, you can just add it yourself so that others can make use of it. This feature has emerged from our collaboration with the Mapillary team uniting the benefits of both apps.

Enable / Disable plugin

Android: Меню → Плагины → Mapillary

iOS: by default.

Mapillary plugin Android

How to use

Viewing images

Street-level imagery (Mapillary) are green points on the map. Street-view photos attached to these points. You can create a filter and select what photos you would like to display on the map. In order to open street-view photo you need to press on the green point.

Enable / disable Street-level imagery on the map:

Android: Меню → Настройки карты → Уличная фотосъёмка

iOS: Menu → Configure map → Street-level imagery

Mapillary plugin points on the map Android Mapillary plugin points on the map iOS

Cliking to the green points opens Mapillary screen in OsmAnd, where user can view images from Mapillary service.

Mapillary plugin images Android Mapillary plugin images iOS

Click to ⁝ button (Android) - opens chosen image in Mapillary application.

Clicking to arrows on the images allows to move image by image.

There are info about username and year in bottom corner.

Filtering the data

The filter images menu:

Android: Меню → Настройки карты → Уличная фотосъёмка → …

iOS: Menu → Configure map → Street-level imagery → …

Mapillary plugin filter Android Mapillary plugin filter iOS


  • Вкл. / Выкл. - enable or disable mapillary map layer.
  • Кеш тайлов - reload tiles to see up to date data

Filter images by sumbitter, by date or by type. Only active in closeup zoom (17):

  • Имя пользователя - filter images by user. View only images by selected username.
  • Дата - filter images by date. Start date to End date.
  • Только панорамы 360° - allows to showing only 360 ° images.

Images in Map Context menu

In the Details of selected point on the map of Map Context menu you can find Mapillary images if there are near selected point.

Mapillary plugin Map Conntext menu Android Mapillary plugin Map Conntext menu iOS

Click to the images opens viewing images doublescreen:

Mapillary plugin dialogue Android Mapillary plugin  dialogue  iOS

Adding images

  1. By clicking to Mapillary widget opens Mapillary application.

  2. If there aren't photos near selected point on the map user can see next dialogue on Online photos of Map Context menu: Add photos. By clicking "Add photos" button opens Mapillary application.

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