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Tracks and Routes

OsmAnd has many powerful features to display various routes on the map. Routes could be built as part of Navigation, created via Plan Route, imported as GPX tracks, recorded via Trip Recording plugin or browsed and selected from OpenStreetMap data.

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Type of routes on the map

OsmAnd can display several different type of routes:

  1. Tracks (GPX) - recorded or planned trip saved in GPX-format. This kind of route could be imported from the external source, created in the application or recorded by user. GPX could contain one of 3 different types of data or all of them:
    • Track as a line - file has <trkpt> points array, each point has location and optionally time, speed, altitude and other attributes. These tracks are displayed on the map as solid lines.
    • Track as a route - file has <rtept> points array, each point describes as an intermediate point of the route. It depends on track how points within a route should be connected either as small route segments or via straight line. These tracks are displayed on the map as dashed lines.
    • Waypoints - file has <wpt> points with attributes. Waypoints are displayed as circular points on the map. You could click on them to get additional information.
  2. Navigation Route - a route line displayed during navigation. By default this is a solid transparent blue line, though default appearance depends on vector map style, day & night mode. It's also possible to fully customize it on Android.
  3. Routes and route networks on the map - special objects on the map from OpenStreetMap data and provided with standard vector maps. They typically represent popular local routes and could be displayed in many ways (shields, color, thickness, pattern). To use these types of routes you will need to enable them on the map.

Read more about GPX Tracks.


Tracks on the map Android Tracks on the map iOS

Display via Настройки карты menu

Android: Меню → Настройки карты → Треки → … → Choosing tracks for displayed from the list and setting of track appearance.

iOS: Menu → Configure map → Tracks → Choosing tracks for displayed from the list

Configure map menu tracks Tracks menu Android

Tracks menu iOS

Display via Мои места menu

Android: Меню → Мои места → Треки →  → Показывать на карте or "Map" button for choosing multiple tracks.

iOS: Menu → My Places → Tracks → › → Show on map or "Layer" button for choosing multiple tracks.

Tracks my places Android

Tracks menu iOS

Track Appearance

In OsmAnd, you can change the color, thickness of the track, turn on the display of arrows and icons of the starting and ending points.

You can short tap on the track on the map → Обзор → click to "eye" button for not showing the track on the map.

Short tap on the track on the map -> Обзор → click to "palette" button for opening Track appearance menu:

Track menu options Android Track menu Appearance Android

Track menu iOS Configure color iOS

Parameter and Description
Интервал разбиения - Интервал между метками расстояния или времени на треке.
Track menu Appearance Split interval Android
Стрелки направления - adding direction info for the track.
Track menu Appearance direction arrows Android
Показывать значки старта и финиша - showing or not start / finish icons of the track.
Track menu Appearance start and finish icons Android
Цвет - select color for the track: color by Сплошной (constant color), Скорость (color depends on speed info of the track), Высота (color depends on altitude info of the track), Уклон (color depends on slope info of the track). For planning trip, user can choose color of route info data: Класс дороги, Покрытие, Ровность, Зимние и ледовые дороги, Покрытие.
Track menu Appearance Track color Android
Выберите ширину - rendering of thikness for the track: Тонко, Средне, Жирно, Своё.
Track menu Appearance Track Thickness Android

Analyze Track on Map (Android)

For detailde information of the track on the map you need to use "Analyze on map" option:

Short tap on the track → Опции → Анализ на карте

Track menu analyze on map Android Track menu analize on the map distance Android

  • Graph: altitude / slope / speed - data of vertical axis. Here user can choose: Altitude, Slope, Speed, Altitude/Slope, Altitude/Speed data for viewing on Graph.

Track menu analyze on map 1 Android

  • Graph: distance / time - data of horizontal data. User can choose: Distance, Time, Time of day for analyzing data of vertical axis by timing or distance.

Track menu analyze on map 2 Android

  • Interact with map & graph - tap to Graph for showing info about track point and moving finger along Graph shows info about points of the track. User can scale Graph by two fingers.

Track menu analyze on map 3 Android Track menu analyze on map 4 Android

Track menu analyze on map 5 Android

The route is a line on the map that shows a user's creating trip. In OsmAnd users create a route by Navigation function.

Route on the map Android Route on the map iOS

Route Appearance (Android)

In OsmAnd for Android, a user can customize route line: color and width.

Меню → Настройки профиля → Внешний вид профиля → Customize route line

Route Customization Android

Routes on the map

Routes on the map Configure Map Routes section

In OsmAnd user can highlight routes and hiking symbol overlay for activities. It will very useful for cycling, hiking, etc.:

Android: Menu → Configure map → Map rendering → Routes

iOS: Menu → Map → Map style → Routes

Map routes - hiking osmc

  • Bicycle

Map routes - cycle-node-networks

Map routes - hiking node networks

Read more about Travel routes for Vector map style.

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