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Public transport

Public transport is an additional layer that allows you to display transport routes and stops on the map, to check detailed information about them and to navigate.

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Transport Stops (Layer)

Enable/Disable Public transport layer:

Android: Меню → Настройки карты → Транспорт → …

iOS: Menu → Map → Transport → …

Public transport layer Android Public transport layer iOS

Choose between 1 or more transport categories for displaying:

  • Остановки транспорта
  • Маршруты автобусов, троллейбусов и маршрутных такси
  • Маршруты трамваев и поездов
  • Линии метро

Read more about how transport is displayed on the map.

Transport Routes (Context menu)

Public transport Route menu Android Public transport Route menu iOS

To open Transport menu, you can click on the the transport icon. It displays:

  • Public transport coloured Shields (clickable)
  • List of the routes stopping on that stop or nearby (within 150 m)
  • Name of the stop and other details

Transport Stop details

Public transport Route menu details Android Public transport Route menu iOS

Public transport stop provides extra details comparing to standard OpenStreetMap object menu:

  • Bench presence
  • Cover presence
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Operator name

Note: you can filter stops by certain criteria. For example, expand & click on "Bench" / "Yes" and you can see the list of stops with benches. Also they could be shown on the map.


Public transport Routes Android Public transport Routes iOS

Transport Routes are all public transport routes that approach via selected stop and nearby routes (within 150m). Routes information is taken from OpenStreetMap data such as ref, name, colour and type.

Shield color:

  • Subway - own color line
  • Railway - brown
  • Bus and other - red
  • Tram - blue
  • Trolleybus - purple

Browse Route

Public transport Route list Android Public transport Route list Android

You can enter Browse Route menu by clicking on a shield or selecting a route from the routes list. After that you can browse between stops by clicking 'Предыдущий' and 'Далее'. Stop info will be updated in the menu and stop will be located on the map.

You can see the full list of stops by clicking Детали. Currently selected stop is marked with 'location' icon on the Routes list.

Note: If you click Маршрут button you will get a route from your current location to the selected Public Transport Station.

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