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How to Compile the Android Version

  1. First setup the development environment, see How to Setup the Development Environment.
  2. Gradle (command line):
    • Specify environment variables. ANDROID_SDK and ANDROID_HOME are where Android studio places things:
    export ANDROID_SDK=/[your-path]/Android/sdk
    export ANDROID_NDK=/[your-path]/android-ndk-r17b
    export ANDROID_HOME=/[your-path]/Android/sdk
    • Compile with command line
    cd android/OsmAnd && ../gradlew assembleNightlyFreeLegacyFatDebug
  3. Android Studio:
    import android project and run module flavor `android.OsmAnd`
  4. You may use our debug.keystore to make builds compatible with the nightly build.

Gradle tasks / flavors

Gradle task assembleNightlyFreeLegacyFatDebug will produce apk at android/OsmAnd/build/outputs/apk/ nightlyFreeLegacyFat/debug/OsmAnd-nightlyFree-legacy-fat-debug.apk. Task name assembleNightlyFreeLegacyFatDebug consists of :

  • assemble - standard task to build apk
  • nightlyFree - build flavor described below
  • legacy - legacy / opengl / opengldebug - defines whether produced apk will have native libraries to use opengl map rendering or not. More information in Development plugin.
  • fat - fat (all native targets) / armv7 / arm64 / x86 / armonly - select which native libraries will be inside apk.
  • debug - debug / release - standard task

To build bundle you could use bundle${FLAVOR}LegacyFatRelease.

nightlyFreenet.osmand.devNightly free build that could be installed next to both of GPlay versions for testing and exploring needs
androidFullnet.osmand.plusFull OsmAnd~ version could be used for F-Droid builds. Doesn't use GooglePlay services.
amazonFreenet.osmandAmazon OsmAnd - doesn't use GooglePlay services
amazonFullnet.osmand.plusAmazon OsmAnd+ - doesn't use GooglePlay services
gplayFreenet.osmandGoogle Play OsmAnd version - uses GooglePlay services.
gplayFullnet.osmand.plusGoogle Play OsmAnd+ version - uses GooglePlay services.
huaweinet.osmandSpecial build for Huawei market - uses Huawei services but not Google Play

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