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## Initial setup

How to recover data?

How to copy my favorites and tracks to the new device?

  • The easiest way is to export profile with all needed information. Menu → Settings → Export → select data that you want to export.
  • Also, you can backup all your data from the previous device if you copy the folder specified in Settings → OsmAnd Settings → Data storage folder (by default it's Android/data/ Then, simply paste all the contents of this folder back to the Data storage folder directory.


How to restore purchases?

  • For iOS: Please open OsmAnd go to Menu → Maps & Resources → Purchases tab → tap 'Restore All Purchases' button → enter your Apple ID.
  • For Android: Please log in to your Google Play account using the same email you used when purchasing OsmAnd. Enter 'OsmAnd+' or OsmAnd free (if you want to restore OsmAnd Unlimited) to the search field and install the app. You won't have to pay again, all paid function should be available by default. If that is not the case, please go to your device's Settings → Apps → 'Google Play' and clear the cache. Then restart the device and try again.

How can I identify that OsmAnd Unlimited is active?

Go to Menu → 'Download maps' and press on the map counter. (The field that says 'Free version. X downloads left'.) If OsmAnd Unlimited is active it should display to you the amount of memory device left instead of number of free downloads.

Can I get the full version of OsmAnd as a seperate app for iOS?

For iOS we have only one version of OsmAnd. If you want to enable the full version you need to get more functions in-app.

What does 7 free downloads mean?

It means that you have only 7 possibilities to download. It can be either map, updates, voice packs, etc. Please, note if you remove some items from your downloads the chance for free download does not return.

How can I get the additional map downloads in OsmAnd free?

If you already used 7 possibilities for free downloads, you can get 3 extra downloads if you would subscribe to the mailing list. The banner with suggestion to subscribe would appear when you have used all free downloads.


Import files

I have a GPX file, how do I get it into OsmAnd?

  • Android
    • You can download and open it via File Browser or Dropbox and select OsmAnd as a target application
    • You can put it in OsmAnd home folder: osmand/tracks/(optional_sub-folder)/your_file.gpx
  • iOS * To open a GPX file in OsmAnd, just download it and select OsmAnd as an app to open it. That's it: you'll view the file normally in the application.

Contour lines or hillshades do not show up

It should be linked to plugins

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