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Install OsmAnd

OsmAnd is a mobile application for Maps and Navigation available for Android and iOS. You can download it on most popular Markets.

Android markets: Google play store, Huawei AppGallery, Amazon.

iOS: App store.

Read more about OsmAnd versions and Purchases.

Welcome to OsmAnd!

Our goal is to create fully functional Map-oriented application that could be used offline in various purposes. The application is full of features, so you don't need to switch between different apps and have everything at your fingertips:


It is an open source, ads-free / tracker-free privacy focused application. In order to preserve maximum privacy, OsmAnd offers Offline maps as a first place, so no interaction, geo information is leaked from your device. We are very attentive to what data is collected and what data is transferred by network, you can read more in our Privacy policy.


OsmAnd doesn't have any required permissions on iOS / Android version.



  • Camera/voice recording (Android) - only used by the Audio/Video notes. This feature is packaged as plugin and by default disabled. It allows to quickly create location-related audio/video notes during a trip.

Actions Guide

How to download maps

OsmAnd is an offline map application, so after 'Get started' screen, you will be proposed to download map of your region. You can select another region or skip this step and download map later.

Download map Android

Note: Application is not properly functional without offline maps which are not distributed within application. Even though application supports Vector maps and Raster maps, it is highly recommend to start with Offline Vector Maps to get all features properly functioning such as Search, Navigation, Context menu.

Read more about download map options.

How to manage your settings

For convenient use of the application, the user is advised to select the desired profiles and configure the basic parameters of the app. In the Main menu when you press Settings button you enter the Global settings menu and Profile configuration menu.

Settings Android

How to configure plugins

Plugins is an additional settings that provides you with advanced functions of the application. You can customize what plugin should be switched on according to your current needs.

Plugins main menu Android

Enable / disable plugins:

Android: Menu → Plugins → ︙ → Enable

iOS: Menu → Plugins → ✓ .

Read more about OsmAnd plugins.

How to configure map

Map interactions are gestures and actions that help you better navigate the map. In order to choose which map style you would like to use and customize map mode and which icons should be displayed on the map, you need to go to the Configure map menu.

Configure map

How to сonfigure screen

Configure screen allows you to enable Informational & Navigation widgets, Quick action, and other elements that will be displayed on the Map.

Configure screen Android

How to add personal data to maps

OsmAnd allows you to make a different mark on the Map for your personal use. It could be Favorite points, Markers, Audio/Video notes (android only), track recording.

Add personal data

How to browse & find point of interest

Points of interest (POI) are specific points highlighted with an icon on the map. They represent interesting or useful places & objects and they are part of Vector Maps.


How to plan a route


How to search by address


How to start navigation

The navigation functionality guides you to your destinations, by displaying routes, offering turn-by-turn instructions, and optional voice guidance.


How to record you trip


How to edit maps



If you have a specific question, please check Troubleshooting to have it answered.

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