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Welcome to OsmAnd! Explore how to download maps, how to configure the application, how to use map and build a route, how to start navigation and how to search points of interest. Get acquainted with key points of OsmAnd Privacy policy and required Permissions.

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Install OsmAnd

OsmAnd is a mobile application for Maps and Navigation available for Android and iOS. You can download it on most popular Markets.

Android markets: Google play store, Huawei AppGallery, Amazon.

Google play Huawei Amazon

iOS: App store.


Read more about OsmAnd versions and Purchases.

Welcome to OsmAnd!

Our goal is to create a fully functional map-oriented application that could be used offline & online for various purposes. The application is full of features, so you don't need to switch between different apps and you will have everything at your fingertips:

Actions Guide

How to download maps

OsmAnd is an offline map application, so after the 'Get started' screen, you will be prompted to a download map of your region. You can select another region or skip this step and download maps later.

First download screen iOS Map

Show on the map Map

Show on the map Map

Note: Application is not properly functional without offline maps which are not distributed within the application. Even though application supports Vector maps and Raster maps, it is highly recommended to start with Offline Vector Maps to get all features properly functioning such as Search, Navigation, Context menu.

Read more about download map options.

How to manage your settings

You could manage application settings as Global settings or as Profile configuration via Main menu. Application comes with a predefined list of profiles that could be modified later. Each profile could be considered as a customized map application for specific purposes. By default profiles are being served only as different navigation modes.

Manage profile iOS Configure profile Android

Manage profile Android Configure profile Android

Manage profile iOS Configure profile iOS

Read more about Global settings. Read more about Profile settings.

How to configure plugins

Plugins allow greatly to extend application functionality. Plugins could be internal (provided inside OsmAnd) or external (separate installed applications). 3rd party plugins work via OsmAnd API and could get access to OsmAnd information, you could always review / enable / disable plugins via Main menu → Plugins. Each plugin could have its own Map Actions, Map Layers, Map Downloads and Settings.

Enable plugins Android Plugin example Android

Enable plugins Android Plugin example Android

Enable plugins iOS Plugin example iOS

Enable / disable plugins:

Android: Menu → Plugins → ︙ → Enable

iOS: Menu → Plugins → ✓ .

Read more about OsmAnd plugins.

How to use map

Map is a core element of OsmAnd and it's important to know how to use it (gestures, buttons, etc). You could configure map to your needs: change map style, configure different map layers such as favorites, poi, public transport, tracks, contour lines, hillshade and others.

Configure map Android Configure map example iOS

Configure map Android Configure map example Android

Configure map iOS Configure map example iOS

Read more about map configuration.

How to сonfigure screen

Configure screen allows you to enable Informational (altitude, speed, current time, etc.) & Navigational (destination, bearing, arrival time, etc.) widgets, Quick action and other elements that will be displayed over Map.

Configure screen Android Configure screen example iOS

Configure screen Android Configure screen example Android

Configure screen iOS Configure screen example iOS

Read more about Screen configuration.

How to add personal data to maps

OsmAnd allows you to make various marks on the Map for your personal needs. For example, Favorite points - personal points with name & icon & category, Markers - quickly added points as target, Audio/Video notes - media notes recorded at specific point, Tracks - recorded and imported tracks & tours.

Add personal data Andoroid Add personal data iOS

Add personal data Andoroid

Add personal data iOS

Read more about points on the map.

How to browse & find point of interest

Points of interest (POI) are amenities that could be searched or highlighted on the map. They represent interesting or useful places and distributed as part of Vector Maps. You can use them to display on the map, navigate and search the points of interest on the Map.

Multiple POI Selection POI on the map

Multiple POI Selection Search and display POI Android

Multiple POI Selection Search and display POI iOS

Read more about POI search.

How to plan a route

Plan route is a powerful tool that allows to create a trip, edit an existing track and measure distance on the spot. You can quickly put intermediate points and connect them by various navigation lines (bike, pedestrian, straight line, etc). Results could be saved into a GPX file, so it could be shared, edited or used by navigation later.

Plan route iOS Plan route graph Android

Plan route Android Plan route graph Android

Plan route iOS

Read more about plan route feature.

How to search by address

OsmAnd provides many search capabilities including address search. By default it uses OpenStreetMap data and should be able to find all addresses using Quick Search input. Also you can search by city, street, postcode and coordinates.

Address search Android Address search example

Address search Android Search result Android

Address search iOS Search result iOS

Note: You need to download the map before searching for an address there. Also, if your current location is too far from your searching address you might need to increase the searching radius.

Read more about address search.

How to start navigation

Navigation provides you step by step guidance to your destination by displaying the route, offering turn-by-turn instructions, extra road information about surface, smoothness, etc and optional voice guidance.

Start navigation iOS Route graph Android

Start navigation Android Route graph Android

Start navigation iOS Route graph iOS

Read more about navigation.

How to record you trip

Trip recording is a special tool packaged as OsmAnd plugin that allows to record all movements into track using the device's GPS.

Trip recording menu iOS Overview trip recording Android

Trip recording Android Overview trip recording Android

Start trip recording iOS Trip recording menu iOS

Read more about trip recording.

How to edit maps

OsmAnd powered by OpenStreetMap data. The maps are created by volunteer contributors, so they can have more or fewer details depending on how much work has been done at a certain part of the map. Anyone can register as a contributor and add or edit OSM maps. OsmAnd provides an editing plugin that helps to improve the OpenStreetMap.

OSM note iOS Create POI Android

OSM note Android Create POI Android

OSM note iOS Create POI iOS

Read more about OSM editing.


It is an open source, ads-free / tracker-free privacy focused application. In order to preserve maximum privacy, OsmAnd offers Offline maps as a first place, so no interaction, geo information is leaked from your device. We are very attentive to what data is collected and what data is transferred by network, you can read more in our Privacy policy.


OsmAnd doesn't have any required permissions on iOS / Android version.



  • Camera/voice recording (Android) - only used by the Audio/Video notes. This feature is packaged as plugin and by default disabled. It allows to quickly create location-related audio/video notes during a trip.


If you have a specific question, please check Troubleshooting to have it answered.

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