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Track on the map is user recorded trip or plan route with makred points on it or not. OsmAnd track file has gpx-format.

You can add tracks to OsmAnd in these ways:

  • Import from the external source.
  • Create in the application using Plan route tool.
  • Record in the application using Trip recording plugin.

All tracks in the application are stored in the MenuMy PlacesTracks.

Abilities to manage tracks in OsmAnd:

  • Enable and disable tracks on the map.
  • Configure track appearance, edit and analyze.
  • Use for navigation.

OsmAnd has no limit on the number of tracks to store and display.

There are two options to display Tracks on the map: via Configure map menu or My places menu

Track on the map Track on the map iOS

  • Formats
  • Import

Create / Edit Track

Coordinate input (Android)

  • Link to Coordinate input

Record track

  • Link to Recording Plugin

Add waypoint

Edit mode (iOS)

Edit mode ios

  • Add points
  • Edit / delete
  • Change order

Edit via Plan Route

Manage Tracks

My Places (Android)

Android: Menu → My Places → Tracks

iOS: Menu → My Places → Tracks

My places tracks Android My places tracks iOS

Search / Sort (Android)


  • Last modified
  • A -> Z
  • Z -> A

My Places (iOS)

iOS: Menu → My Places → Tracks → choose a track


My places tracks Actions Android My places tracks Actions iOS

My places tracks file Actions iOS

  • Record track / Save (Android / iOS)
  • Import track (Android / iOS)
  • Coordinate input - create track (Android)
  • Edit Mode - edit / create track (iOS)
  • Show on map (Android / iOS)
  • Move / Rename (Android / iOS)
  • Delete (Android / iOS)
  • Share (Android / iOS)
  • Analyze on map (Android) - open 'Analyze on map' function for chosen track.
  • Refresh (Android) - reloads track data from SD card.
  • Export to OpenStreetMap (Android)
  • Trip Planning (iOS) - to be deleted

Import/Export track

  • Link to Import / Export functionality
  • Storage

Read more

Show track on Map

Analyze on Map

Track Context menu

Trip recording

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