Markers interface is a convenient tool that helps you save points on the map for your short-term needs.

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Map markers are special points marked as flags on the map. You can customize their look & feel with arrows (Show arrows on the map) and distance indication (Distance indication).

Map markers Android Map markers iOS

Map markers menu

Android: Menu → Map markers

iOS: Menu → Map markers

Map markers menu Android Map markers menu iOS

List (Android)

Map markers List Android

Groups (Android)

Map markers Groups Android Map markers Groups Android

You can import groups from favorites or track waypoints.

Click to '+' Button. Favorites category:

  • Favorites category - from Favorites.
  • Track waypoints - from track waypoints.


Map markers History Android Map markers History iOS

More (Android) / Appearance (iOS)

Map markers More Android Map markers Appearance iOS

Add Marker on the map

Short or long tap on the map and choose neede action in Map Context menu.

Actions in Map Context menu

Link to the article

Appearance on the map

Link to description

Map markers Appearance Android Map markers Appearance iOS

Map markers widgets

Link to description Top Bar

Link to description Widget panel

Plan route for Markers (Android)

Link to description

Android: Menu → Map markers → More → Plan route

Map markers Plan Route Android

You need choose markers for your route.

Map markers Plan Route points Android

Next 'Options' button (top corner):

Android: Menu → Map markers → More → Plan route → Options

Map markers Plan Route Options Android


  • Directions - Starting build your route (Navigation).
  • Make round trip - Add copy of point of departure as destination. Round trip or not.

Sort by:

  • Sort door-to-door - Sort your markers in List.
  • Reverse order - Reverse order for markder in List.

Next, building a route.

Android: Menu → Map markers → More → Plan route → Options → Directions

Map markers Plan Route Directions Android

Add/Remove Markers from Favorites/Waypoints (Android)

Favorites to Map Markers link

Waypoints to Map Markers link

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