Global settings

Global settings

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Global settings

Android: Menu → Settings → OsmAnd settings

iOS: Menu → Settings → OsmAnd settings

Profiles General Settings Android Profiles General Settings iOS

  • Default profile - select the profile, that will be used on application start (lase used or from profile list).
  • Display language - choose language of OsmAnd menu(Android). For iOS, you need to choose language in setting menu: iOS -> Settings -> OsmAnd maps -> Language
  • CarPlay profile(iOS) -
  • Data storage folder(Android) - link.
  • Analytics(Android) and Send anonymous data(iOS) - send to OsmAnd map download statistics, we are not collecting location data, or any personal info. Link to our privacy.
  • Dialogs and notifications(Android) and Do not show promotions(iOS) - control popups, dialogs and notifications. Add for ANDROID (start-up message and download map dialog).
  • Proxy(Android) - configure an HTTP proxy for all network requests.
  • Uninstall speed cameras(Android) - link to speed limit widget (settings).

Data storage folder (Android)

Profiles Storage Settings Android Profiles Storage Settings 1 Android

Dialogs and notifications


Add promotion screen

General settings Dialogs and notifications Android Profiles Storage Dialogs and notifications 1 Android

iOS Add promotions screen

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