Tracks Context menu

Tracks Context menu is menu with actions and data of GPX-track.

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For openng Track Context menu:

Android: Menu → My Places → Tracks → click to choosing track or just tap to choosing track on the map.

iOS: Menu → My Places → Tracks → click to choosing track.


In Overview user can find track data info and make some actions.

You can short tap on the track on the map → Overview → click to "eye" button for not showing the track on the map.

Track menu overview Android

Statistics screen track iOS

iOS info panel

"…" button - actions which you can make with the track.

My places tracks file Actions iOS

  • Rename - allows to rename the track.
  • Remove - allows to remove chosen track.
  • Export - allows to export chosen track.
  • Edit mode - opens Edit mode menu for waypoints.
  • Trip planning - opens Trip planning tool for chosen track.
  • Change folder - allows to move chosen track to another track folder or new folder.

Info panel has name and short info of the track:

Info for track iOS

Quick actions:

  • Show on map - show a track on the map.
  • Color - change color track.

Actions for track iOS


  • Speed - average speed, max speed.
  • Route time - start time, finish time, total time, moving time.
  • Uphills/Downhills - average elevation, elevation range, up/down, uphills total.

Full info for track iOS

Info panel (Android)

Info panel for Android has track name and short description, track info.

Full info for track Android

Next track info:

  • Name of the track.
  • Short description of the track.
  • Direction and distance to the point on the track.
  • Distance - showing track distnace.
  • Ascent / Descent.
  • Altitude range - showing max and min altitude.
  • Average speed.
  • Maximum speed.
  • Time span - recorded time of the track.
  • Time moving - sum of time during motion.

Quick actions

quick actions for track Android


Description for track Android

  • Image
  • Add description - for creating description of the track.
  • Edit - for editing descritpion of the track.
  • Read full - for opening and reading full description.

Altitude / Speed Graphs

Click to the "Track" button opens Graph of Track Context menu. Here there are name of track, three tabs (Overview, Altitude, Speed), Graph with additional info and Analyze on map, Options buttons.

Analyze on map button opens Analyze track menu for the track.

Options button opens menu with: "Edit" opens the track in Plan route tool, "Delete" allows to delete chosen track item, "Split interval" opens Split interval function for the track.

Track menu track Android Track menu Options track Android


This tab opens a graph with speed / altitude info on distance, additional track data:

  • Distance
  • Time span
  • Start time
  • End time

Track graph overview Android


This tab opens a graph with altitude / slope info on distance, additional track data:

  • Average altitude
  • Altitude range
  • Ascent
  • Descent

Track graph altitude Android


This tab opens a with speed info on distance, additional track data:

  • Average speed
  • Maximum speed
  • Time in motion
  • Distance corrected

Track graph Speed Android

Points / Waypoints

Points / Waypoins menu in Context track menu opens list of track / folders waypoints.

Track menu points Android Statistics screen track iOS

iOS Waypoints

Buttons on top of the screen:

  • Folders <-> Points list - the button changes order in waypoints list.

Track menu Waypoins order iOS Track menu Waypoins order iOS

  • Editing waypoints ("pencil" button) - the button opens "Actions" panel for waypoints.

Track menu Waypoins action panel iOS


  • 'Import loader' - allows to share/import chosen waypoints.
  • 'Folder' - allows to move waypoints to others folders or to new creating folder.
  • 'Palette of colors' - allows to change colors for waypoints.
  • 'BIN' - allows to delete chosen waypoints.

For adding new waypoint you need to tap on the map. Map Context menu opens where you can choose "Add waypoint".

Track menu Waypoint add iOS Track menu Waypoint add 1 iOS

Android Group menu

"⁝" button opens waypoint Group menu.

Track menu Group menu Android


  • Show on map - allows to show or not group waypoints on the map.
  • Rename - allows to change Group name.
  • Change color - allows to change color for group waypoints.
  • Copy to map markers - allows to move group waypoints to Map markers.
  • Copy to favorites - allows to move group waypoints to Favorites.
  • Delete - allows to delete group waypoints.


Track menu options Android

Split interval

Options → Analyze split intervals

  • Split the track by distance or time interval

Track split interval screen Android Track split interval screen time Android

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Analyze on Map

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