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'Configure map' menu is a central place where you could configure map display for your needs, i.e. highlight Favorite points, Navigation markers or special Points of Interests on the map; display specific routes or 3rd party GPX files; overlay the map with relief information, satellite imagery or any other available raster map; display public transport information and change the map style.

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Configure map menu divides into 2 categories:

  • Map style parameters - Map rendering or Map style groups all parameters that allow to change how the main map is displayed.
  • Map layers. These layers allow to put information on top (or under) of the main map layer but it doesn't change the display of the map itself.


Map Layers

  • Favorites - display favorites points.
  • POI - display points of interests of selected categories.
  • Map markers - display map markers.
  • Overlay labels - show names of points, favorites on the map.
  • Transport - show public transport stops.
  • Tracks - display imported, planned or recorded tracks over the map.
  • Map sources - select underlay / main source / overlay map with transparency levels.
  • Street level imagery - display points with available street-level imagery.
  • Wikipedia - highlight wikipedia articles linked to the map.
  • Contour lines - display depth or height contour lines.
  • Terrain - display raster slope or hillshade information.
  • Other plugin layers - many plugins add own layers with extra information.

Map style parameters

Map style parameters are dependent on the main map style be displayed on the map. You can read more about it in Map Styles article.

  • Map style - OsmAnd (City), Topo, Nautical and others.
  • Map mode - select to browse map or to run a navigation.
  • Map magnifier - more or less detailed map display.
  • Text size - increase or decrease text size on the map.
  • Map language - select preferred language displayed on the map.
  • Details - highlight specific objects.
  • Hide - hide specific objects.
  • Routes - highlight specific routes and their symbols.

UI Customization (Android)

You can reorder or hide items from the Configure map per selected profile, reset to default or copy from another profile.

Android: Menu → Configure profile → UI Customization → Configure map

Configure map items

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