Tiles Directory Format - .metainfo

Specification of OsmAnd's Metainfo Format

The Metainfo format used in OsmAnd to store the tile layers preferences. In OsmAnd we add a number of tables extending the format:

FieldSpec and Purpose
"[url_template]"String. URL template to download tiles with zoom - {0}, x - {1} , y - {2}, server name - {rnd}. Watch the order of x / y, it could be different in url, example - http://server.arcgisonline.com/ArcGIS/rest/services/World_Imagery/MapServer/tile/{$z}/{$y}/{$x}.
"[randoms]"String. The names of the mirrors of server. Comma-separated. One of these values will randomly replace the placeholder {rdn} in "url" field.
"[minzoom]"Integer. Min zoom level. In regular format (OSM, Google maps).
"[maxzoom]"Integer. Max zoom level. In regular format (OSM, Google maps).
"[ellipsoid]"Bool "true" or "false". True for Elliptic Mercator (Yandex tiles). False for regular Spheric Web Mercator (OSM, Google maps)
"[inverted_y]"Bool "true" or "false". True for inverted Y tile number (Nakarte.me tiles).
"[tile_size]"Integer 256 or 512. Side size of downloading tile in px.
"[img_density]"Integer. Tile image density.
"[avg_img_size]"Integer.Average tile image size.
"[expiration_time_minutes]"Integer. Specifies if tiles shall expire after the given number of minutes. They would still be displayed, but also re-downloaded.

The class supporting this tile source is at or near https://github.com/osmandapp/Osmand/blob/master/OsmAnd-java/src/main/java/net/osmand/map/TileSourceManager.java#L28.

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