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iOS 4.5 (September 2023)

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iOS beta builds (TestFlight) are usually provided weekly (after the team sprint demo). They don't contain descriptions and may have continuous versioning. They are assumed to be stable and ready to use.

What's new

  • Free account for favorites Backup (iOS) – OsmAnd Cloud
  • New Relief format
    • Contour lines plugin renamed to Topography
    • Added support for the new Terrain map format
    • Added 3D Relief
    • Added separate button to switch 2D/3D Mode
  • Difficulty classification - Configure Map
  • Redesigned Configure Screen
  • Added OpenStreetMap authorization through OAuth

OsmAnd Start​

For OsmAnd 4.5 was added OsmAnd Start plan. A user should register an email for the OsmAnd Cloud and then activate OsmAnd Start.

OsmAnd Menu β†’ Settings β†’ OsmAnd Cloud

After that, you can backup your favorites, OSM Edits and Notes, and OsmAnd settings for free.

OsmAnd Start

Read more about OsmAnd Start in our article for OsmAnd Start in OsmAnd for Android.

New Relief format​

We have added Terrain map for countries in Download maps menu. This data type can be used to generate Slopes, Hillshades (paid), and 3D maps (OsmAnd Pro).

OsmAnd menu β†’ Download maps

Our updates:

  • Slope and Hillshades can be generated from Terrain map data

  • Redesigned Terrain menu: OsmAnd menu β†’ Configure map β†’ Terrain

  • Added "3D Relief" button (OsmAnd Pro) for Terrain menu. It allows you to activate 3D view for relief (offline): OsmAnd menu β†’ Configure map β†’ Terrain β†’ 3D Relief

  • The new "3D/2D Mode" button for the map screen was added. Now you can make a map tilt not only with two fingers. "3D/2D Mode" button acts differently with menus and on map screens if 3D Mode in Configure Screen is set to Visible in 3D Mode. OsmAnd Menu β†’ Configure Screen β†’ Buttons β†’ 3D Mode:

    • Hidden

    • Visible

    • VIsible in 3D mode

      ** map tilt angle by button is the last tilt angle by two-finger gestures

Read more about Terrain maps in our Blog article.

Slope3D relief

Updates for Configure Map​

Added CAI (Club Alpino Italiano) scale for routes difficulty classification:

OsmAnd Menu β†’ Configure map β†’ Routes β†’ Difficulty classification


New Configure Screen​

Configure Screen

OSM authorization through OAuth​

Read more about Login settings here.