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Tiles SQLite Format - .sqlite

The SQLIte format used in OsmAnd is based on the "BigPlanet" SQLite as supported by MOBAC. In OsmAnd we add a number of tables extending the format:

TableColumnSpec and Purpose
"info""url"String. URL template to download tiles with zoom ≣ {z} ≣ {0}, {x} ≣ {1}, {y} ≣ {2}, server name ≣ {rnd}
"randoms"String. The names of the mirrors of server. Comma-separated. One of these values will randomly replace the placeholder {rdn} in "url" field.
"referer"String. HTTP Referer. As used for downloading.
"rule"String. Supported template:1 (same as empty), wms_tile, yandex_traffic. Adds specific algorithms how tiles will be downloaded. wms_tile is using proxy server such as to deal with WMS sources
"useragent"String. HTTP User Agent. As used for downloading.
"minzoom"Integer. Min zoom level. Respective integer. (Also inverted in case of BigPlanet).
"maxzoom"Integer. Max zoom level. Respective integer. (Also inverted in case of BigPlanet).
"ellipsoid"Integer 0 or 1. 1 for Elliptic Mercator (Yandex tiles). 0 for regular Spheric Web Mercator (OSM, Google maps)
"inverted_y"Integer 0 or 1. 1 for inverted Y tile number ( tiles).
"timecolumn"String "yes" or "no". A tiles table with a "time" column indicates when each tile was retrieved.
"expireminutes"Integer. Specifies if tiles shall expire after the given number of minutes. They would still be displayed, but also re-downloaded.
"tilenumbering"String "" or "BigPlanet". If "BigPlanet", zoom will be inverted and calculated as z = 17 - zoom.
"tilesize"Integer. Empty or 256 or 512, optional, it is used to describe what's the tile size
"tiles""x", "y", "z"Integer. Indicates tile Mercator coordinates. Note that zoom could be inverted for the BigPlanet case.
"image"Blob of image bytes.
"time"Integer. Time stamp when image was downloaded.

This format is also used by Hillshade and Slope files distributed by OsmAnd application.

The class supporting this is SQLiteTileSource at or near