Radius-ruler widget and Ruler

Radius-ruler tool helps to determine the radius around the selected point on the map via displaying distance-circles on the map. The Ruler tool displays scale. 

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Radius-ruler screen

Radius-ruler widget

Radius-ruler widget shows distance between users location and inner point of the 'Radius-ruler' tool distance-circles on the map. Widget is clickable and changes its state between the black scale, the grey one and no scale modes.

To find Radius-ruler widget follow:
Android: Menu → Configure screen → Radius ruler
iOS: Menu → Configure screen → Radius ruler

Note: To check the distance between two random points on the map:
Android: enable 'Distance by tap' tool.
iOS**: touch simultaneously two spots on the map. It will allow to see the measurement and the line connecting the two points. The line will stay on screen as long as the user is touching it.
The line will fade by itself after 2 seconds.


Ruler tool

The Ruler tool displays map scale and shows the number of meters/kilometers (other units of measure) in a segment.

Ruler at the bottom of the screen.

The Ruler gives a visual estimate of the objects on the map and distance between them. The Ruler will change the display value during map zooming.

Note: To change units format follow Menu → Configure profile → General settings → Units of length.

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