Application profiles

Application profiles

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Profile types

There are few profile types set by default in OsmAnd.

Profile typeOS
Browse mapAndroid/iOS
Public transportAndroid/iOS

Profile settings

All profiles can be configure.

Android: Menu → Browse map or any other profile that has been set before → Configure profile

iOS: Menu → Settings → App profiles → or any other profile that has been set before → Configure profile → Enabled turn on or off

Note: For Android the profile can be changed in 'Configure profile' by tapping the relevant icon at the top right corner

Profile settingsGeneral settingsAndroid/iOSall
Navigation settingsAndroid/iOSall, except Browse map
Configure mapAndroid/iOSall
Configure screenAndroid/iOSall
Profile appearanceAndroid/iOSall
UI CustomizationAndroidall

Creating new navigation profiles (custom profiles)

Users can create new navigation profiles based on default app profiles. It defines basic setup like widgets' visibility, speed and distance units. Other parameters can be configured.

Android: Menu → Browse map or any other profile that has been set before → New profile → choose the profile from the list → add Profile name → Select color → Select icon → Select color → select Position icon at rest → select Position icon while moving → press Save

iOS: Menu→ Settings → App profiles → New profile → choose the profile from the list → Enter profile name → select Profile appearance → Select icon → Appearance on the map → select Position icon at rest → select Position icon while moving → press Save at the top right corner.

General settings

AppearanceApp themeDark/LightAndroid
Map orientationNo rotation (north always upwards)/ Movement direction/ Compass directionAndroid/iOS
Display position always in centerturn on/off and Apply to all profiles/ Apply only to selected profile/ Discard changeAndroid/iOS
Screen orientationPortrait/ Landscape/ Same as deviceAndroid
Screen controlScreen timeout/ Turn screen onAndroid
2.5D viewturn on or offiOS
Units & formatsDriving regionAutomatic/ list of regionsAndroid/iOS
Coordinate formatlist of coordinate formatAndroid/iOS
Angular unitDegrees 180/ Degrees 360/ MilliradiansAndroid/iOS
Unit of speedlist of unit speed Android/iOS
OtherVolume buttons as zoomturn on or off ability to control the map zoom level using the volume buttons on the deviceAndroid
Use Kalman filterturn on/off an ability to reduce noise in compass reading (adds inertia)Android
Use magnetic sensorturn/or off (highly recommended to use it for compass reading)Android
Fullscreen modeturn on/off (a tap on the toggles the control buttons and widgets)Android
No animationsturn on/off and Apply to all profiles/ Apply only to selected profile/ Discard changeAndroid
No animationsKeyboard/ WunderLINQ/ Parrot(Android only)Android/iOS

list of regions

RegionRight-hand trafficLeft-hand traffic
Europe, Asia, Latin America, and similarKilometers/meters-
United StatesMiles/feet-
UK, India, and similar-

list of coordinate format

DDD.DDDDD49.41869° N, 8.67339° E-
DDD MM.MMM49°25.121'N, 08°40.403' E-
DDD MM SS.S49°25'07.3"N, 08°40'24.2" E-
UTM Standard32N 476311 5474052OsmAnd uses the UTM Standart, which is similar but not identical to the UTM NATO format. Read more
MGRS32U MV 76311 74052OsmAnd uses the MGRS, which is similar to the UTM NATO format. Read more
Open Location Code8FXCCM9F+F9-

list of unit speed

  • Kilometers per hour
  • Miles per hour
  • Meters per second
  • Minutes per mile
  • Minutes per kilometer
  • Nautical miles per hour (knots)

In Navigation settings user can configure navigation parameters for profile.

Note: parameters change for different Navigation types.

NavigationNavigation typedefines how the routes will be calculated. Choose default navigation types or import a modified routing file routing.xml (only for Android).Android/iOS
Route parametersgives a set of settings to configure routing for selected profileAndroid/iOS
Screen alertsAndroid/iOS
Voice promptsAndroid/iOS
Vehicle parametersAndroid/iOS
OtherMap during navigationAndroid/iOS
Animate own positionAndroid

default navigation types

Navigation typeDescription
BicyclePrefers cycling paths, tracks, cycle routes and footways.
BoatPrefers waterways, rivers and water canals
CarPrefers motorways, highways and unpaved roads
Direct-to-pointDraws the straight line between start and finish points. User can see a point projection that represents the distance to the end point on the line. The point on the line is a virtual point to show the distance (it is not a projection on the line) but a point that has the same distance as current location to the finish point
On footPrefers hiking routes, footways
Public transportPrefers car routes
SkiPrefers hills, slopes, ski trails
Straight lineDraws the straight line between start and finish points and redraw the strait line when users position changes. In case user deviate from the route during the navigation, this setting builds the shortest path from your current position to the calculated route with the maximum angle.

configure routing for selected profile

Route parametersCarBicycleOn foot
icon-iosicon-android Avoid roads… (and road types)turn on/off
No toll roads--
No unpaved roads
No ferries
No shuttle train--
No motorways-
No border crossings-
No ice roads or fords--
No stairs-
Avoid footways--
No cobblestone or sett--
icon-iosicon-android Prefer…turn on/off
Prefer unpaved roads--
Prefer hiking routes--
icon-iosicon-android Fuel-efficient way (optimized shorter route for energy saving)turn on/off
icon-iosicon-android Allow private access (allow access to private areas)turn on/off
icon-iosicon-android Use elevation data (routing could avoid strong uphills)turn on/off
-Flat/ Less hilly/ Hilly
icon-iosicon-android Consider temporary limitations (use road restrictions that are active now on the map)turn on/off
icon-android Fastest route (enable to calculate fastest route or for fuel-saving route)turn on/off
icon-iosicon-android Driving stylechoose from the list
-Prefer unpaved roads/ Prefer byways/ Balanced/ Shorter routes-
icon-iosicon-android Use motorwaysturn on/off
icon-iosicon-android Minimal distance to recalculate route (the route will be recalculated if the distance from the route to the current location is more then selected value)turn on/off
select the distance after witch the route will be recalculatedselect the distance after witch the route will be recalculatedselect the distance after witch the route will be recalculated
icon-iosicon-android In case of reverse directionenabled/disabled
icon-ios Road speedsset the min and max travel speed for the roads en route
icon-android OsmAnd Live data (enable navigation for OsmAnd Live changes)enabled/disabled
icon-android Use 2-phase A* routing algorithmenabled/disabled
icon-android Smart route recalculation (recalculates only the initial part of the route, useful for long trips)enabled/disabled

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