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First steps with OsmAnd.

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Install OsmAnd

OsmAnd is a mobile application available for Android and iOS. You can download it on most popular Application Stores.

Android markets: Google play store, Huawei AppGallery, Amazon. More information about OsmAnd versions and paid services is available at Purchases info.

iOS: App store.

Welcome to OsmAnd!

OsmAnd is an offline map application, so after 'Get started' screen, you will be proposed to download map of your region. If you skip maps download (via 'Skip'), the application won't function correctly. So you will need to download maps later via Android / iOS -> Menu -> Maps download (TODO). OsmAnd might not detect your region to download correctly, so you can choose from the list.

Download map info

Android storage. On Android devices your might want to change where the maps stored, on shared storage, sdcard, etc. You can read more about it on Storage.

In case you need to reinstall the app, please make sure you have back up all your Personal Data data such as Tracks and Favorites.


This article is incomplete & needs to be reviewed. You can help by creating a pull request.

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Sign out icon in text. Now try overflow menu  - here.

  • Camera/voice recording - this is only used by the Audio/Video notes plugin (for Android version only). This feature is optional and by default disabled (it can be enabled in the Plugin Manager). It allows to quickly create location-related audio/video notes during a trip.
  • GPS/Network access/SD card are natural requirements for this application.
  • Billing permission - even though the free application doesn't have any in app purchases, it was introduced to get them in and the last moment inapp was excluded. There is no reason to remove that in app because it will be needed to go through long procedure of extending permissions again.

Browse Map

TODO: Browse map Give location permissions

TODO: Search by address / name

Start Navigation

TODO: Give location permissions / select voice navigation.

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