There are a great variety of features that OsmAnd offers. Most of them are available in a free version of the application. The paid OsmAnd services provide extended functionality."

Free version limitation

7 free maps to download or update5 free maps to download without updates
no Wikipedia and WikiVoyage articlesWikipedia and WikiVoyage articles
No contour lines and Nautical Chars pluginsNo contour lines and Nautical Chars plugins

In Apps


User can buy .

Note: Use the same Google Play account which you used for the purchase to share the app with other Google devices or restore your purchases.

User can control all purchases and subscription from Google account.
OsmAnd (Unlimited)
Unlimited map downloads.
Map updates one time per month.
Wikipedia and WikiVoyage articles available offline.
Contour lines plugin.
Nautical Chars plugin.

Note: OsmAnd+ is a separate paid application that can be shared with other accounts using the Google Play Family Share service. OsmAnd Unlimited can only be activated in the free version of the application and this version cannot be shared.


User can buy OsmAnd Maps on Apple App Store.

Note: Use the same Apple ID to restore your purchases.

User can control all purchases and subscription from Apple account.

There are 8 options to extend OsmAnd functions. To find them please use: Menu → Maps & Resources

Options to extend OsmAnd functions:
Get Unlimited access: One-time payment that allows to get maps from 'All World' package. It means that user will have unlimited maps downloads and will get map updates every month.
 IOS Unlimited access purchases
Subscribe to mail list: Will give user an opportunity to get 3 EXTRA maps to download. The Subscriber will get information about the latest news and discounts.
 IOS Subscribtion to mail list
Participate in Giveaways: User will have an opportunity to participate in promo code giveaways.
 IOS Giveaways
Get OsmAnd Live: There are three variants: month, 3 months and yearly subscription. User will have an opportunity to get hourly maps updates, unlimited maps downloads, offline Wikipedia articles, Contour lines & Hillshade maps.
 IOS OsmAnd Live
Buy Nautical map: They are available in the tab Plugins in the same menu. The Nautical Charts is a detailed graphical view of oceans, seas, coastal areas and rivers. The charts can contain various information like sailing routes, navigation lights, dangerous areas, areas where is not allowed to sailor dock, etc.
 IOS Nautical map
Buy Wikipedia map: They are available in the tab Plugins in the same menu. The Wikipedia maps are used to get information about points of interest (POI) or objects around from Wikipedia articles.
 IOS Wikipedia map
Buy Contour lines: They are available in the tab Plugins in the same menu. The Contour lines provide the information about heights of the area while hillshade is their visualisation. User will be able to see names of mountain peaks and specific features of terrain.
 IOS Contour lines
Buy the map package: They are available in the tab Purchases in the same menu. There are nine map packages: All World Maps, Russia, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Central America, North America, South America.
 IOS map package

Note: It is highly recommended downloading nautical basemap to see the maps regardless of detailed map presence. To turn on Nautical charts, tap the map button and set map type to Nautical.

Note: Wikipedia map should be charged by 0 dollar/euro price!


The OsmAnd Live subscription for (Android/iOS) has three periods: monthly, three months, yearly. This feature allows you to get unlimited download of all maps and get all the plug-ins for the subscription period. You also get the opportunity to frequently updated maps (hourly instead of monthly updates).

  • iOS To get this feature, go to the Menu -> Maps & Resources -> OsmAnd Live -> Get OsmAnd Live. You can stop the subscription at any time using the settings in your itunes account.
  • Android Explain how to start / stop / resume subscription

Also, everyone who gets OsmAnd Live automatically supports the volunteers who edit the map as the money supporters provide get distributed between those who edit the map. Read more about OsmAnd Live here or learn how it works in detail here.



User can purchase OsmAnd using Google Play and App store gift cards. Using this method does not imply sharing a credit card information to the service. Just purchase a gift card from a retailer on the list and redeem the code one Google Play and App store.

New device / new account

- I uninstalled the app/I'm using a new device. Do I have to buy OsmAnd again?
- No.
  • Android. Just enter Google Play using the same account you used to buy OsmAnd, then find OsmAnd through Search and install it again. Make sure you install OsmAnd+ if you have bought it or install OsmAnd if you have bought in app.
  • iOS. All you have to do is enter the Appstore and install OsmAnd again. You can use it on as many devices as you want without the need to buy the app again. You may see the "Buy" button, but you won't have to pay: just press it to download the app without paying again.

Get OsmAnd

There are several possibilities to do that:

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