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Making memorable notes is one of the main pleasures of traveling

Making memorable notes is one of the main pleasures of traveling. With OsmAnd Audio/video notes plugin, you can add media right to the map to watch it later. Want your pictures to be added to the locations they were made at? Easy. Need a comfortable video recorder? No problem. Want to make an audio note and link it to the location? Problem solved.

Audio video notes intro

Add notes to your GPX track

You can use this plugin while recording the GPX track. This way, all your notes will be added to the track as waypoints automatically. When viewing the track, you'll see exactly what was recorded where.

Add notes to track To view everything later, you can export the track together with all the media and see them in the JOSM editor. Please note that you'll need to put the media in the corresponding folder (you'll know which one if you click on a video note and see the message about a missing file. Just put it in the indicated folder).

Audio video notes in Josm

So there you have it: your personal notes linked to the map and stored in one place. Document your adventures!

How to use it

You have to install Audio/video notes. It is free of charge and all you have to do is go to the plugins menu, then choose Audio/video notes and tap Enable. That's it. Now you can make audio, video or photo notes and link them to the exact location of your choice.

You can choose settings for your photo, video, audio files. You can click Overflow menu to Settings of Audio/video notes plugin.

Audio video notes plugin settings Just tap onto a spot on the map-> Actions, then choose Take a video note/Take an audio note/Take a photo, depending on what you need right now. The recording of audio and video will start automatically, you can stop it by tapping on the widget in the upper-right corner of your screen. You can also use the same widget to make a new note. Great, the media is now ready. What next? You can store it to watch later, play it, view it on the map, rename, delete and, of course, share it.

For viewing your notes on the map you can switch on the Recording layer in app menu -> Configure map -> Show (Recording layer).

Context menu take a note You can tap on your note on the map. After that you see details screen where you can play/show your note or delete it. Of course you can share this note or make other Actions with it.

Context menu play a note

All your notes you can find in Menu → My Places → A/V notes. Here you can sort your list, share your notes or delete it. If you click to one of your note you will see it on the map.

You can click to three points Overflow menu button of note for play/show, share, show on map, rename, delete it.

My Places - play a note Audio/video notes Plugin stores media files in a format: {SHORTLINK_LOCATION}_Description.{avi,mp3,jpg} where SHORTLINK_LOCATION is encoded latitude/longitude according to specification


Link to widget? The Audio-video notes widget is a clickable widget. It changes its state according to settings chosen in the Configure screen menu.

To make audio, video, photo notes user have to choose the needed option by clicking on the widget.

If 'On request' option is selected user will see three options to choose.

  • Take an audio note
  • Take a video note
  • Take a photo

When the 'Take an audio note' option is selected, the user can start doing audio recording. To stop audio recording the user has to click on the widget or the button 'Stop' at the bottom of the screen.

Take an Audio video notes
When the 'Take a video note' option is selected, the user  can start doing video recording.  To stop video recording the user has to click on the widget or the button 'Stop' at the bottom of the screen. User can optionally show or hide the  video screen view by clicking the relevant button in the bottom-left corner.

Take a video note

When the 'Take a photo' option is selected, the user can take a picture. 

All audio, video files and photos will be in the Menu → My Places → tab A/V notes .
User can sort files by type/data, share and delete them.

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