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The 'Plan a route' feature allows you to measure distances on the map, create GPX tracks or add new segments to your own ones, to snap your track to the nearest available road with one of your navigation profiles. This interface has replaced the older 'Measure distance' tool. We've added new functions and created a completely new look for the utmost convenience to create a route for your trip.

To use this feature, simply go to the main OsmAnd menu and press 'Plan a route'. You'll see the map with a toolbar below. Start by putting the first point on the map and adding the next ones (one or more). To do that, press the 'Add' button or just touch a spot on the map. You'll see the total distance on the toolbar. You can also undo or redo the steps using the arrow buttons.

'Plan a route' mode allows using different navigation types for each segment and attaches any track to the roads. What does it mean?

E.g. you want to have a route for your Enduro trip. The first part of your trip is a road from your home to the offroad part, the second part is an unpaved road, and the third part is a road returning home.

Go to General menu -> Plan a route. Choose "Create a new route", next click to Profile icon and choose Road Profile for the first part of our trip. After that, we add starting and ending points. The first segment is built.

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