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How to select an object on the map, open context menu with long or short tap, get detailed information about point of intereset, navigate from and to the point and perform other actions

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Select objects on map

Taping to the map in OsmAnd we can select an object or point on the map and open Point Context menu. There are two actions of tap: short and long.

Short tapSelected only an object which has a node or a way with showing name and address of an object, distance and direction from current location to an object. Icon: showed POI icon on Point Context menu.
Android:Context menu short_tap_AndroidiOS:Context menu short_tap_iOS
Long tapSelected geographical point with info about address of the nearest place, distance and direction (Android) from current location to this point. Icon: showed Location icon on Point Context menu.
Android:Context menu long_tap_AndroidiOS:Context menu long_tap_iOS

Detailed information

Click to "Details" button on Context point menu or move up Context point menu for opening Detailed information.

Android:Context menu details_AndroidiOS:Context menu details_iOS
Tag infoAdditional info about an object: telefon, website, POI type, work time, height, ....
Nearby Wikipedia articlesAnothers Wikipedia articles
OSM linkObject link to OSM: or
Coordinates infoGeographical coordinates of an object
Online photosPhotos from Mappillary, OpenPlaceReviews, Wikimedia


Actions on Context Point menu

Map marker
Actionsadditional menu of actions
Directons from
Search nearby

Button "Directions"

Customize context menu (Android, advanced)

It is a menu where the user can reorder or hide items from the 'Context menu actions', to see hidden items from the menu, copy the list of items from the another profile and reset to default settings.

Android: Menu → Configure profile → UI Customization → Context menu actions

Context menu actions items

All settings will apply to the 'Browse map' profile by default. User can reset settings to default or copy from another profile.

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