Configure Map (Map)

OsmAnd gives you great possibilities for using the maps. You can customize them, download different types of maps and even edit them! This menu contains settings that allow you to include additional information on the map, show the terrain, additional layers from raster online maps, your Favorite points, GPX-tracks and much more.

In this article

Configure map menu (Android) or Map menu (iOS) contains two sections menu:

  • Show or Show on map, in this part we set parameters of Overlay/Underlay layers, points for visualisation its on the map.
  • Map rendering for Android or Map type, Map style, Overlay / Underlay, Language for iOS, in the second part we change parameters of offline vector map.

Map styles

Note: In order to change screen information (widgets, icons) you can set parametres in Configure screen.

UI Customization

In order to reorder or hide items from the Configure map:

Android: Menu → Configure profile → UI Customization → Configure map

iOS: Menu → Settings → App profiles → Configure profile

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