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Tracks Context menu

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The Tracks context menu provides information about the track in the form of text, graphics, or a list of points. It also allows you to add information, make changes, edit, and perform various other actions with the track.

Track Context menu includes:

Menu β†’ My Places β†’ Tracks β†’ click to choosing track or just tap to choosing track on the map.

Track menu Android

Overview tab​

In Overview tab user can find track data info and make actions with viewing of the chosen track:

You can short tap on the track on the map β†’ Overview β†’ click to "eye" button for not showing the track on the map.

Track menu overview Android

Info panel​

Details are described in the information panel:

  • The track name - you can change it in Options menu.
  • Short description of the track - short part from full description.
  • Direction and distance to the point on the track - blue arrow with distance.
  • Info panel of data trip:
    • Distance - showing track distance.
    • Uphill / Downhill - sums of ascents and descents of a trip.
    • Altitude range - showing min and max altitude of a trip.
    • Average speed - average speed of a trip.
    • Maximum speed - max speed of a trip.
    • Time span - recorded time of a trip.
    • Time moving - sum of time during motion of a trip.

Full info for track Android

Quick actions​

Buttons panel with the next action: Show/Hide a track on the map, opening Appearance menu of a track, Export / Plan route, Navigation.

quick actions for track Android

  • "Show / hide" - track on the map
  • "Appearance" - opens Appearance menu of the track.
  • "Edit track" - opens the track in "Plan route" tool.
  • "Directions" - opens the track for "Follow track" option in Navigation.

Description and info​

This part contains info about GPX file and description of a GPX track.

Description for track Android Description for track Android

  • Image
  • Add description - for creating description of the track.
  • Edit - for editing description of the track.
  • Read full - for opening and reading full description.
  • Info - contains info about file size, location folder, date of creation.

Altitude / Speed Graphs​

Click to the "Track" button opens Graph of Track Context menu. Here there are name of track, three tabs:

Graph with additional info and Analyze on map, Options buttons.

Analyze on map button opens Analyze track menu for the track.

Options button opens menu with: "Edit" opens the track in Plan route tool, "Delete" allows to delete chosen track item, "Split interval" opens Split interval function for the track.

Context track menu Graphs Android


This tab opens a graph with speed / altitude info on distance, additional track data.

Track graph overview Android

  • Distance.
  • Time span.
  • Start time.
  • End time.


This tab opens a graph with altitude / slope info on distance, additional track data.

Track graph altitude Android

  • Average altitude.
  • Altitude range.
  • Uphill.
  • Downhill.

Online Elevation profile​

Online SRTM feature you can use only with Pro feature OsmAnd Pro subscribers.

This feature allows to calculate Elevation profile for GPX track online by the OsmAnd server:

Calculate altitude online on OsmAnd servers, based on satellite imagery and digital elevation models. Differences vs. device recorded altitude may be used as altitude correction.

This feature can help to find Altitude data for any place:
Track Context menu β†’ Track β†’ Altitude β†’ Calculating elevation β†’ Calculate online

Track graph overview Android Track graph overview Android Track graph overview Android


This tab opens a with speed info on distance, additional track data.

Track graph Speed Android

  • Average speed.
  • Maximum speed.
  • Time in motion.
  • Distance corrected.

Points / Waypoints​

Add / Delete​

Points / Waypoins menu in Context track menu opens list of track / folders waypoints.

Track menu points Android

Waypoints folder​

Manipulation with waypoints folder: change name and color, delete..

"⁝" button opens waypoint Group menu.

Track menu Group menu Android


  • Show on map - allows to show or not group waypoints on the map.
  • Rename - allows to change Group name.
  • Change color - allows to change color for group waypoints.
  • Copy to map markers - allows to move group waypoints to Map markers.
  • Copy to favorites - allows to move group waypoints to Favorites.
  • Delete - allows to delete group waypoints.


Menu "Options" allows to make manipulation with the chosen track, to opens it in other tools.

Track menu options Android

  • Edit track - open the chosen track in Plan route tool.
  • Rename track - change track name.
  • Change folder - select folder and add new one for the chosen track.
  • Delete - delete the track.

Split interval​

⚠️ Android only
This feature is currently not available for the iOS version of the OsmAnd app.

A user can divide a track by intervals (distance or time) and analyze it.

Split the track by distance or time interval.
Options β†’ Analyze by intervals

Track split interval screen Android Track split interval screen time Android

GPS filter​

⚠️ Android only
This feature is currently not available for the iOS version of the OsmAnd app.

This filter allows you to improve your track statistics by excluding unnecessary or incorrect data. You can filter out track points that don't fit your track parameters, and as a result, get a more accurate graph and visual route line without distortion or recording noise. You can make changes with filters such as Smoothing, Speed, Altitude, and GPS Precision, which hide filtered points from the current track. Besides, in the Statistics menu, you can check how your changes are displayed on the graph before you save them. You can also Reset to original and Save as a copy of your track in this filter without saving the original one.


GPS filter is in the context menu options of the selected track:

Options β†’ GPS filter

GPS filter screen Android

The Android GPS Filter app page includes:

  • A map with a saved track and an extra button My track location (it aligns a track to the center of a map).
  • Buttons Refresh and Menu at the top (Menu opens Action field at the bottom of the page).
  • Blocks Filter, Statistics, Action.

Filter Menu​

In this menu, you can change some parameters of your track with filters such as, Smoothing, Speed, Altitude, GPS precision. The menu is divided into a Points part and an Actions part.

This part shows the number of points after filtering and the total number of points on the selected track before filters were used.
GPS filter screen points numbers Android
Smoothing – Sets the threshold distance between points. All points on the track, that are at a distance from each other less than the distance selected by the filter, will be hidden. Track points are counted from the last visible point. Note, that high thresholds can oversimplify the track geometry.
GPS filter smoothing numbers Android
Speed – Only the track points that correspond to the selected speed interval will be displayed on the graph and on the map, the others will be hidden.
GPS filter speed numbers Android
Altitude – Only the track points that correspond to the selected altitude interval will be displayed on the graph and on the map, the others will be hidden.
GPS filter altitude numbers Android
GPS precision – Sets the maximum permissible value for HDOP. Points with a higher value will be hidden.
GPS filter precision numbers Android


Statistics tab displays information about modified track i.e. without filtered values. It's displayed within stat blocks and graph data.

  • The Data part shows statistics similar to the Filter menu.
  • The Graph part displays three types of graphs by parameters: Overview, Altitude, Speed. This functional is a copy of track Graph.

GPS filter graph Android


Actions list is available on the bottom of Filter or Statistics tab. OsmAnd will apply all changes made to the track without updating the file. You can save the changes manually.

  • Reset to original – allows you to return the parameters to their original state.
  • Save as copy – allows you to save the track as a new one.
  • Save changes to file – allows you to rewrite the track with the new parameters.

GPS filter action Android

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